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Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, launched Level IV emergency response platoon to detect 197 close contacts

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The picture shows Chen Zhanyun, secretary of the Ejina Banner Committee, releasing a screenshot of the live broadcast.Photo by Zhang Wei

(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, launches Level IV emergency response platoon to detect 197 close contacts

China News Service, Alxa, October 19 (Reporter Zhang Wei) On the morning of the 19th, the Ejina Banner New Crown Pneumonia Prevention and Control Work Headquarters of the Alashan League of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held a press conference. After the foreign tourists Yan and Jiang reported that they tested positive for nucleic acid, the flag immediately activated the Level IV emergency response mechanism, and detected 197 close contacts and 85 close contacts side by side.

According to Chen Zhanyun, after receiving the relevant notification, the Alxa League epidemic prevention and control command system immediately turned into an emergency state, and Ejina Banner launched the IV level emergency response mechanism. Each special working group has carried out work such as monitoring, control, nucleic acid testing, and environmental elimination. .

Starting at 7:00 am on the 18th, Ejina Banner has closed access to the flag channel, closed the port, and temporarily controlled for 48 hours; started full nucleic acid testing, suspended the train from Hohhot to Ejin К7911/K7912; suspended all scenic spots, public venues and operating vehicles Operation, school closures, temporary closed management of key areas involved in the circulation; advocating residents and tourists not to go out or gather.

Chen Zhanyun said that the banner quickly deployed personnel from the health, public security, and industry and information departments to form a flow adjustment team to conduct a comprehensive epidemiological investigation.

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Currently, 197 close contacts and 85 close contacts have been identified, and all of them have been transferred to centralized isolation places as soon as possible.

Ejina Banner has opened 12 sampling sites for nucleic acid testing to mobilize nucleic acid testing forces and organize the masses to carry out nucleic acid testing for all employees in an orderly manner. (over)


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