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El País: Chavismo returns to its most radical positions amid a repressive wave

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El País: Chavismo returns to its most radical positions amid a repressive wave

Venezuelan Government Expels UN Representatives Amid Growing Tensions

The Venezuelan government, led by Chavismo, has announced the expulsion of the representatives of the United Nations High Commissioner in the midst of rising tensions and international scrutiny. This decision comes after the detention of lawyer Rocío San Miguel and the violations of due process in her case, which has raised concerns among human rights organizations.

The move has sparked a diplomatic crisis, with countries like Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Uruguay raising red flags in response to Venezuela’s decision. The diplomatic siege on Venezuela could be rising again, despite the international community’s attempts to normalize relations with the oil-rich country.

The office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights was installed in Venezuela in 2019, following years of pressure from civil society due to the deteriorating rights situation in the country. The expulsion of the UN representatives in Venezuela is expected to have serious consequences for the protection of rights in the country, as well as the access of rapporteurs and technical assistance for authorities.

Analysts have warned that Venezuela is moving towards a process similar to that experienced in Nicaragua, with signs such as the intervention of international organizations and legislative initiatives seeking to criminalize NGOs. Additionally, the recent decision to expel the UN representatives comes after the success of the opposition primary elections in October 2023, which saw María Corina Machado emerge as the most anti-Chavista candidate.

The expulsion of the UN representatives and the growing diplomatic tension reflect a hardening stance by the Maduro government, particularly in the face of increasing opposition and international scrutiny. It remains to be seen how the international community will respond to these latest developments in Venezuela.

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