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El Salvador will host the Central America Travel Market 2024 fair

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The Central American Travel Market 2024 Fair “Weaving Connections” will be held in El Salvador next April, the most important business meeting of tour operators and tourism entrepreneurs in Central America and the Dominican Republic aims to promote the region as a tourist multi-destination.

The fair will take place from April 13 to 18 of this year and is organized by the Salvadoran Chamber of Tourism (CASATUR), the Central American Tourism Promotion Agency (CATA), the Federation of Central American Chambers of Tourism (FEDECATUR), the Ministry of Tourism and CORSATUR. Central America Travel Market 2024 will bring together more than 300 entities involved and represents one of the efforts to promote the attraction of tourists and do business between companies in the sector.

Attendees will participate in conferences, innovation workshops, exhibitions, business meetings for three days and will close with tourist tours between the various countries.

About 100 wholesale buyers of packages, who promote tourism in the world, will participate in the event, which will be held at the Hilton San Salvador Hotel. The country will host 80 wholesale buyers from Europe and North America, as well as international press that will have contact with our tourist sites, through pre-tours designed for them.

The planned agenda aims to connect entrepreneurs from the region in various business roundtables. In addition, having exhibitors, representatives from the world of hospitality, incoming tour operators, airlines, delegates from government institutions and organizations that work in the field, all of them will have at their disposal information about the offer of Central America and the Dominican Republic as a multi-destination.

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Among the attractions are integrated circuits, such as El Mundo Maya, cities where cultural heritage is found, nature tourism and protected areas, the beaches of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, surfing on the Pacific coast, among other destinations. .

Each country presents specific offers to tourists: Belize attracts because of the keys it has in the Caribbean; Guatemala seduces with its Mayan temples and the architectural beauty of Antigua; Nicaragua has a valuable heritage in Granada; El Salvador enchants with beaches like El Tunco, suitable for surfing; Honduras also offers the white beaches of Roatán; Costa Rica stands out for Manuel Antonio Beach and its natural landscape; Panama for the old town of its capital and the forest, while the Dominican Republic has its famous Punta Cana. Offering a tourist offer as a multi-destination has contributed to the increase in tourists who decide to travel to the region for leisure purposes.

The Observatory of the Central American Tourism Integration Secretariat offers statistics of this increasing behavior, for example, in 2023 it registered 24.5 million tourists, more than 3 million than those who visited the previous year.

With information from Digital News Agency -ADN-

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