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Elderly adult has been living in a transport terminal for a month

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Elderly adult has been living in a transport terminal for a month

A month ago, at the Honda transport terminal, Tolima, a story of abandonment and helplessness began. Daniel Martínez Vanegas, an adult, found refuge on a bench at the terminal, and survives thanks to the generosity of the people who assist him daily as workers and users, who provide him with water and food rations.

However, the solidarity shown was not enough to meet the needs of Daniel Martínez, who, upon arriving at the terminal, carried with him his citizenship card and the bitter story of being abandoned by his own children after the death of his wife.

In the midst of this story, a compassionate person approached to provide help and, in doing so, discovered that the old man had spent much of the previous day crying due to back pain that afflicted him, according to El Nuevo Día. The precarious conditions in the that this older adult finds himself is evident, since sometimes, according to information from recurring witnesses, he can only drink water due to lack of resources to feed himself.

Also, the aforementioned media reported that the adversity multiplied when, apparently, Daniel Vanegas was the victim of thieves who stripped him of some of his clothes and some personal objects.

The community and some regional media have taken on the task of searching for Daniel Vanegas’ relatives, so that they can take responsibility for his abandonment and organize the management of his transfer to an environment more conducive to his well-being.

In fact, the number 3143446195 has been enabled so that anyone who recognizes this elderly man or knows his relatives can communicate and provide information.
Mother and son lived at El Dorado International Airport

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In December 2023, several media outlets recorded the case of Augusto, a 70-year-old man, and his elderly mother, Beatriz, 90, who lived in the El Dorado International Airport facilities since approximately August 2023. The emotional story of these two older adults moved the people of Bogotá, allowing citizens to come forward to provide help.

Kind-hearted people approached the small space that Augusto and Beatriz called “home,” bringing with them food, help, and gifts.

Even a recognized Christian community offered them lodging for the end of the year season. Beatriz expressed in an interview for Noticias RCN: “It is an environment that one did not even expect. It’s a bit hard to have to sit in a seat all night, of course you get tired, your body gets sick, so we’ve been waiting for God to perform a miracle, especially with that roof. “We urgently need that roof to spend my last days in a dignified old age.”

In a hopeful gesture, Augusto and Beatriz have accepted the offer and will soon leave the El Dorado airport to move to a place where they will receive care and food during the Christmas and New Year festivities. Solidarity citizens expressed their desire to help Augusto and Beatriz by providing food, drinks and hygiene products.

“A man has shown up here at the airport, who is Christian and has offered us his house to spend the rest of the Christmas season and part of January. I’m going to accept it,” said Augusto in Noticias RCN.

Although a “Christmas miracle” was achieved for this mother and son, the community urges concrete actions that will make a difference in the long term. They argue that solidarity should not be ephemeral, but become a lasting commitment to those who need help. With Infobae

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