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Elderly woman lost her life in a traffic accident in Paz de Ariporo – news

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Elderly woman lost her life in a traffic accident in Paz de Ariporo – news

When he left a commercial establishment that he had attended to allegedly receive $3 million pesos that he demanded from the owner in order not to close it, he was captured by units of the CTI of the Prosecutor’s Office and the military Gaula, the Fourth Police Inspector of Yopal, Jorge Enrique Monroy Child.

The facts derive from an investigation carried out by the 13th Prosecutor’s Office that investigates crimes against the Public Administration, and originates from the merchant’s complaint stating that the official would be demanding that sum of money from him to avoid the closure of his business establishment, after a verification visit carried out by the authorities, in which a summons had been imposed.

The merchant attended the Fourth Inspection to cancel the summons, and there the official’s offer to “collaborate” with him to avoid paying the summons and subsequent closure of the establishment would have arisen.

Apparently, the delivery of the money by the merchant was agreed upon, and when the Inspector went to the site he was captured by the authorities in flagrante delicto.

In this regard, the Mayor’s Office of Yopal issued a Communiqué to Public Opinion, where it rejects any irregular actions by its officials, such as the one presented to the Fourth Police Inspector.

The Inspector is charged with the crime of concussion by the investigating agency. The crime of concussion is committed when a public servant abuses the power given to him by his position and demands money, which does not correspond to him, to perform the functions that are part of his job.

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Official Statement from the Mayor’s Office of Yopal

The Mayor’s Office of Yopal expresses its firm commitment to transparency, legality and respect for the rule of law in all areas of public administration. In this sense, we address the Yopaleña community in order to address an issue of relevance to the city.

Today, we have been informed about the capture of the Fourth Police Inspector, Jorge Enrique Monroy Niño, within the framework of an investigation carried out by the competent authorities.

It is important to highlight that the Mayor’s Office of Yopal categorically rejects any act that threatens institutional integrity and the trust of citizens in the institutions in charge of ensuring the safety and well-being of our community. In this sense, we reaffirm our commitment to fully collaborate with the judicial authorities and urge them to carry out the corresponding investigations with the diligence and timeliness that these sensitive facts warrant.

Source: news – HOLA Casanare

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