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Election results, we think of the new Meloni government. The news of today 27 September live

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Election results, we think of the new Meloni government.  The news of today 27 September live

ROME. The electoral thud opens the knot of the Lega secretariat, while at home Pd Goffredo Bettini, national leader of the party, tries Letta the day after the announcement of the congress. Matteo Salvini does not give up for now, but the theme of the extraordinary congress of the Lega is on the table. “The clear victory vanishes what was the only fear for the center-right and the only hope for the center-left: there will be no uncertainties in parliament. Meloni will be able to count on an absolute majority both in the Chamber and in the Senate ”, comments the former Northern League secretary Roberto Maroni. «And now there is talk of an extraordinary congress of the League. It takes and I would know who to elect as the new secretary. But for now I don’t mention names. “

As the voting map in Italy has changed since the Second Republic, so the Italians have voted from 1994 to today


Goffredo Bettini, national leader of the Democratic Party argues that “there is not a single reason for our defeat, and it would be cowardly to throw the cross only on Letta”. After almost twenty years, «the Democratic Party needs a general” coupon “. It must relaunch its identity and a modern critique of contemporary society and the development model that dominates us ». According to Bettini, “we have suffered too much from the myths of liberalism and the fascination of technicians, technocrats, governists at all costs. A true congress serves like bread, also to change the party: in some areas of Italy, familiar, powerful, ethically weak, divided and disliked by important sectors of public opinion ». The future secretary? «A person of substance rather than image. Formed in the field, rather than invented by the media. She is sober and measured, rather than self-centered and lonely. She is cultured, because she has read more books than newspapers. That she is able to present twenty written folders, explaining what she wants to do, rather than constantly experiencing the thrill of the Tweets », concludes Bettini.

Giannini’s podcast 1 day after the elections – The cupio dissolvi of Capitan Salvini and the harakiri of the Democratic Party, a failed party
The analysis The Democratic Party in pieces between poisons and suspicions. The leader: “Avoid a night of long knives”
Background Meloni prepares the government, phone call with Draghi: “The Constitution needs to be changed, the NRRR needs to be redone”

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Updates hour by hour

11.10 – Rauti (Fdi): “Strong popular mandate for a historic statement
“A strong popular mandate has come out of the polls that marks a historic affirmation for the Italian right – says the senator of the Brothers of Italy, Isabella Rauti, deputy group leader -. We presented ourselves with the center-right coalition, an alliance not only electoral but of program and government, which has won and which has its driving force in Fratelli d’Italia and Giorgia Meloni. We believe in the cohesion of our coalition that won the elections and that with these numbers can govern well ». Rather, we are concerned about the high rate of abstention and politics has a duty to question the reasons for the distance between the people and the institutions and heal the rift ».

10.50 – The EU: Italy gains by being with Europe, not against
“No European state alone can tackle the threats surrounding Europe, so all governments, including Italy, will have much more to gain by working with Europe rather than against”. This was stated by the vice president of the European Commission, Margaritis Schinas, to the microphones of the Spanish radio Rne. During the electoral campaign, “some Italian political forces that belong to the party that will most likely go to the government have made rhetoric” against the European Union, “but now it is necessary to see if the next government will reproduce this rhetoric or work on a more pragmatic level. and realistic with European institutions and other governments to tackle problems such as war, energy prices and inflation, ”added Schinas.

Giannini: “Meloni, now explain to us, what does it mean that the Constitution is beautiful but old?”


10.40 – Calenda, the broad consensus among young people is an important fact
«We have gathered a very wide consensus among the very young (we are the first party) and young people – writes on Twitter the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda -. This is the most important data for me. Young people understand better than many others the inconsistency of a policy that promises and does not implement ».

10.30 – Muscarà (Mixed group): “A southern table is urgently needed for those who have no voice”
“Following the result of the elections in favor of the 5 Star Movement in the South, it is confirmed that the southerners are still unable to recover from that” Stockholm syndrome “for their tormentor who still intends to govern them”. Thus, in a note, former five-star councilor Maria Muscarà, belonging to the mixed group, comments on the electoral result. “It must be said, however, that almost 50% of southerners have deserted the polls, not to mention the tens of thousands of votes canceled in protest – she explains – in my opinion, however, it would mean putting themselves in the hands of third parties without choosing the own destiny; but certainly, it is the clear symptom of a South that no longer has a voice and has now completely disheartened Italian politics. A Southern work table is therefore urgent, because while in the North the parties are compact for the interests of the companies that sponsor them, in the South we are left to ourselves and the only ones who can save themselves are the capable southerners who really love their land. “.

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Thus ended the day of Meloni after the vote, the video appears on social networks


10.25 – Tajani: we will be decisive in creating the new government
“We were decisive for the victory and we will be decisive in creating the new government,” says Antonio Tajani, vice president of Forza Italia. “It is a quality contribution that we can make on issues, for example, of foreign policy, European and economic policy. Key points on which FI has always fought with a leading contribution in terms of quality ». With regard to his appointment as minister “for the moment there has been no mention of it”. Giorgia Meloni wants “the best” and “that’s what we all think, Berlusconi also said. People who are able to face the country’s emergency, guide Italy out of the shallows of the economic crisis: even non-parliamentarians are fine, we have no foreclosures of any kind ». The important thing is “that the coalition is strong, once Forza Italia was the leading party, then it was the moment of the League, now it is that of the Brothers of Italy. I see nothing strange, they are rhetorical exercises. We have always governed together regardless of what was, at that time, the most consistent political force from a numerical point of view “

10.20 – El Paìs: Meloni’s victory is a severe blow for the Sanchez government
“The Italian elections dealt a severe blow to the Spanish government,” he writes The country commenting on the vote in Italy. According to the Spanish daily, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez – who gave his support to Enrico Letta with a video message broadcast at the closing event of the Democratic Party’s election campaign – is seeing how “the right-wing wave is consolidating in a key country for Spain”. Rome and Madrid, he remembers The country, have gone hand in hand in the last major negotiations in the EU, in particular in the one on the NRP, of which they are the two main beneficiaries. Sanchez, we read in the article, “he had an excellent relationship with Giuseppe Conte and now he was forging it with Mario Draghi. The arrival of Giorgia Meloni, an ally of Vox, portends a tension that is difficult to disguise ».

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Who will be the presidents of the Chamber and Senate? Here are the most discussed names


10.00 – Boccia: Calenda preferred Meloni to win
“In all the great Western countries the progressives who are together have different profiles, and within those movements there is always a synthesis. Calenda and Renzi pursued a project of their own that was independent of the fate of the country, they preferred Meloni to win rather than build something more tiring but extensive, the result is there for all to see “. Words of the Head of Local Bodies of the Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia, a Rtl 102.5. “We – he added, referring to the results of Sunday’s elections – have our responsibilities, but it seems clear to me that the center-right is a majority in Parliament, it is not in the country and I must take this into account. As an Italian I hope that Giorgia Meloni does well, I wish her a good job for when this path begins. They must take into account that the overwhelming majority of the country is not only not right-wing but has not supported them ».

All the men of Giorgia Meloni


09.50 – Emma Bonino asks for a recount
“It was a short but very intense election campaign. I met thousands of people, many young people, and received support and appreciation. We will ask for a recount of the votes, college by college, given that very little is missing from the 3% threshold, just 0.05 “. The leader of Più Europa, Emma Bonino, writes on Twitter. «I dedicate everything we have done, what we have taken and our commitment to Gianfranco Spadaccia. Today there will be the funeral parlor in the Senate from 10 to 18, and I am sure that many citizens will run to pay their tribute, “she adds.

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