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Elections 2022, news on the Government of today 18 August

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Elections 2022, news on the Government of today 18 August

There are 38 days to go until the political elections on 25 September and the climate between the parties is becoming increasingly heated. Letta announces that he is running for Vicenza to challenge the Lega in Veneto and confirms his opposition to presidentialism. Di Maio attacks Meloni: “He wants to abolish citizenship income also for pensioners and the disabled.” The reply of the leader of the Brothers of Italy: “No to the minimum wage, we need to cut taxes on labor.” Back and forth on Twitter between Calenda and Di Maio: “Not having you as an ally is a physical relief.” The reply from the leader of Civic Commitment: “It’s mutual, but you spread a grudge.”
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09.45 – Zanda (Pd): no trial in Letta after the vote

The composition of the lists has sparked many internal discussions within the Democratic Party. For the former leader of the Senate of the dem Luigi Zanda after the vote, no trial of the secretary Enrico Letta. «The Democratic Party has already devoured many secretaries. Now I would say that it is enough », says Zanda al National newspaper. The left is in the DNA of the Democratic Party, declares the senator, who recalls that “the choice not to join forces was made by Calenda, not the Democratic Party”. On the center-right ahead in the polls, Zanda says: «I notice that Meloni is talking about herself as the future prime minister, but I would suggest you not to. She is never a good omen ». For Zanda “the center-right is a giant with feet of clay, its divisions are deeper than those of the center-left.”

09.30 – Di Maio in Calenda: the relief is mutual, but you spread a grudge

«Carlo, the relief is mutual. Keep spreading hatred and resentment, it is good for you. You have chosen to take the side of those who brought down the Draghi government, we acknowledge that. But enough lessons of consistency. PS greets Renzi ». Thus on Twitter the leader of Civic Engagement, Luigi Di Maio, responding to Carlo Calenda.

09.27 – Calenda: physical relief not to have Di Maio as an ally
“Beyond any other rational consideration, contradictory pacts, etc., the physical relief of not having to think of Di Maio as an ally alone is worth 30% of the coalition colleges we have renounced.” So the leader of Action Carlo Calenda on Twitter.

09.25 Meloni: drc is wrong, with hires we would have less unemployed

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“For 4 years I have been taking harsh tones on a culturally wrong measure, a just state distinguishes assistance for those who cannot work and support for those who work while we have put everyone on an equal footing”. Thus the president of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, answering the question whether she intends to cancel the guest citizenship income of Radio24. “If we had given the same resources destined for citizenship income, for the same share, to companies to hire people, today we will have fewer unemployed and paid by the state,” he added.

09.20 – Meloni: no to the minimum wage, we need to cut taxes on work
The answer to the weakening of wages “is not the minimum wage, that is a red herring: we need to cut taxes on labor. I did not agree with Draghi’s choice when he had 8 billion euros to spread them on IRPEF, the way to go is to reduce taxes on work ». Thus the leader of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni, on Radio24. According to her, Meloni must “favor those who hire”: “The only way to fight poverty is growth, we must encourage the possibility that companies work and hire,” she added.

09.16 – Meloni: citizenship income is a mistake, you need work
“We are the only party that has never voted for citizenship income which is a culturally wrong measure. He favored illegal work and discriminated against the weakest. Income support must be given to families without income with dependent elderly, disabled and minors, for the others it is necessary to work with hiring incentives ”. The leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, a Radio24. In the program of the center-right “the figure on the increase in pensions is not there because it is necessary to understand the practicability.” The problem of minimum and social pensions exists, they are inadequate. The resources to make these pensions adequate can be found in a system that spends $ 110 billion a year in unnecessary bonuses or spends on citizenship income. The point is to build a system that is right, ”she added.

09.10 – Letta: I apply to Vicenza and challenge Lega in Veneto

«I am applying to Vicenza, I challenge the League in the heart of the Veneto. Entrepreneurs, traders, teachers will remember those who betrayed Draghi by preferring Meloni. We listened to businesses, those who wanted stability and a reduction in taxes on work ”. So the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta on Twitter.

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«I think that our electoral campaign should not be in defense but in attack. Had I been in defense, I would have been a candidate in Tuscany but in doing so I would have sent the message of a national secretary who is locking himself up in the protected fortress. And instead I want to show that we can win these elections, so I decided to make a foray where the game is more difficult, where the results of the Democratic Party are objectively lower than elsewhere, where, above all, the number of those who have betrayed Draghi is very high “. This is what he adds Enrico Letta interviewed by the Giornale di Vicenza explaining the reasons why he decided to run for the Veneto. According to Letta, in Veneto «Zaia’s leadership is about to end and we intend to get out of the margins of recent years, putting both feet on the field. And yes, the Venetians will remember who betrayed Draghi. All the more so now that the alternative to the Draghi government is manifest and is called Giorgia Meloni. With the League that has surrendered to the leadership of the Brothers of Italy. I want to see which entrepreneur from Veneto, which merchant from Veneto, which teacher from Veneto, making a comparison between what we had, Mario Draghi premier, and what we could have, Giorgia Meloni premier, would choose the second option ».

09.00 – Di Maio, we are moderate coalition, we will go over 3%
“We are in a progressive coalition that represents the moderate side. On the other hand, there is a center-right coalition that does not have a disturbing program for historical reasons, but because it has already decided that it wants to renegotiate it on the PNRR “and” this means isolating us from Europe “. Thus the leader of Civic Engagement and Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, guest of the special on the elections, broadcast on La7. “We are also candidates to represent the many disappointed in the 5-star Movement who would not vote for Conte’s party today”, he added speaking of his former Movement, while on the centrists he added: “Calenda and Renzi like to call themselves third pole but they are a lonely list ». Finally, he guaranteed: «Our lists will go over 3%. We will be the surprise of these elections ».

08.45 – Letta: contrary to presidentialism, we will fight to avoid it
“I am against presidentialism, I think it would be a very serious mistake, so we will fight to avoid it.” This was stated by the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, interviewed by the Vicenza newspaper. “And not because you think presidentialism leads to a dictatorship, but because our Constitution is anti-presidentialist. Those who propose the presidential twist today are not proposing an adjustment to the Charter but its cancellation to go towards a wrong system that plays on the strong man or the strong woman that our system does not feel the need for ». “It strikes me that the center-right’s electoral campaign began with the fall of the government and continued with the attack on Mattarella, whose resignation was even called for,” adds the secretary dem.

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Rosatellum 2.0: this is how the electoral law works with which we will vote in September


08.30 – Di Maio: “Meloni wants to abolish citizenship income also for pensioners and the disabled”
«Meloni wants to abolish citizenship income also for pensioners and the disabled. It’s madness ». The leader of Impegno Civico, Luigi Di Maio, said this in ‘The race to vote’ on La7 and then on the center-right coalition: «It is not enough for Meloni to say that you are the guarantor of the coercion. I know Salvini, I made a government for 14 months and he made the Papeete. Salvini will do everything to bring down Meloni within a year. And how many governments has Berlusconi brought down? ».

08.00 – Renzi: Letta only attacks me, poor guy remained in 2014
«Every morning Enrico Letta gets up and has to decide how to attack me. One would say: but how perhaps Letta should campaign on Salvini, on Meloni. No, he only cares about me. In the morning he gets up, shows off his tiger eyes and zac! He attacks me, He probably stayed in 2014, poor fellow. We are in 2022, Enrico ». So Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, in a video posted on his Twitter page. “I only said that the management of Crisanti as a virologist was set on alarmism – added Renzi -. In fact, he did not want the closures at the beginning, but for the whole of 2021. If Letta wants to know what the difference is between me and him on the pandemic, I will explain it to him clearly. He and his party wanted to continue to be with Conte and Arcuri and the Russian army, I brought Draghi, Figliuolo and the turning point. And if you really want clarity on Covid, Letta, vote the Commission of inquiry to which we voted yes and you voted no. Enough controversy, let’s discuss the facts », concludes the leader of Italia Viva.

07.00 – Salvini: those who choose Pd choose the capital, we flat tax
«Those who choose Pd choose the property tax, those who choose the League choose the flat tax. The tax cut creates wealth, it doesn’t need hedging. just the start We have quantified 13 billion. I am convinced that the only way to reduce tax evasion is to lower taxes ». The leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini said this when speaking at the Caffè de la Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca).

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