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Elections 2022, the news on the government of 2 October 2022

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Elections 2022, the news on the government of 2 October 2022

ROME. For the new Parliament “there are unprecedented challenges, even of an institutional nature. We hope that the reduction in the number of parliamentarians, 200 senators and 400 deputies, will not negatively affect the operation of the Chambers ». As regards the political aspect, “it seems to me that a clear majority with large numbers has emerged. It will be necessary to understand if, in terms of internal cohesion and programmatic clarity, it will be able to demonstrate its self-sufficiency. The numbers are there, it will be politics to give us the verdict », he declares to Messenger Pier Ferdinando Casini, who returns to the Senate elected as an independent in the Democratic Party. Giorgia Meloni’s departure «seems to be characterized by caution. In my opinion it’s good, because the country’s problems are so dramatic that they require composure and seriousness – she explains – she. We need a climate of mutual respect. Everyone has to play the part of him. Whoever has won is legitimately called to govern and must keep in mind that our democracy lives on a plurality of powers. For example, I think it is very important to collaborate with Regions and Municipalities. It is not governed against a part of the country ». The opposition must be made “in a rigorous, serious way, without making discounts but also with the awareness that either we save ourselves together or we go to the bottom together”. With respect to the crisis of the Democratic Party, «Letta was a gentleman, he indicated a method – comments Casini-. And if that community thinks of solving the problem with the race for the totosecretary that has opened in recent days, we need to worry ». The leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzi argues: “Compared to populism Giorgia Meloni will change her mind since the first European council”

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Updates hour by hour
13.42 – Lega: “Tuesday the Federal Council to choose the most suitable names”

«Matteo Salvini is committed to ensuring that the League gives Italy the best possible government team: on Tuesday another Federal Council is on the agenda to share and then choose the most suitable names. There is great optimism: the League is looking forward to this government starting to work ‘”. So a note from the League.

12.59 – Rampelli (FdI): “Citizenship income remains disabled, others must have work”
Brothers of Italy “does not think at all” of canceling the citizenship income. Fabio Rampelli said so on Saturday on Rai Radio 1. «It is a journalistic simplification. We intend to pursue the support of the unable to work, about 50% of the income earners. They are fragile members of society that we absolutely want to continue to assist, ”explained the vice president of the Chamber. The other half of the income earners “we have to give a job. Young people cannot stay at home doing nothing, they have to realize themselves. We will try to deal with this also with companies that are ready to collaborate, perhaps for training », he concluded.

12.45 – Bonaccini (Pd): “Executive class to be substantially renewed”
“The problem of the Democratic Party is not in the name or in the symbol, but in the ability to represent people and build a coherent and credible project for the objectives for which it was born: giving rights to those who have fewer, creating an ecological transition that takes together the reasons of the environment with those of work, to build a more modern, stronger and more just Italy. There is a problem of credibility, not of image; of substance, not of form; of projects, not of slogans; of executive class, not of sticker album ». So on Facebook Stefano Bonaccini. «We approach people by talking about their problems and the solutions we propose, not our image. Otherwise we are looking for shortcuts – says Bonaccini – Even the ruling class must be renewed in substance, not by slogans: we have women and men in the party of the territories, administrators and administrators who have shown on the field that they know how to win or in any case to make a difference: let’s stop keeping them on the bench and make them protagonists. Alliances are important but the identity of a party is not built by deciding at the table with whom you want to ally yourself tomorrow, but by deciding today who you want to represent and with which idea of ​​society. Any constructive criticism of the Democratic Party is welcome and encouraging the participation of those who have stopped voting for us or who could do so for the first time is essential. But our task is to build, not demolish ». “There is an opposition to organize and an agenda to be rebuilt: if when companies lay off people, families fail to pay their bills, we start discussing problems, names, symbols, alliances, constituents will not understand anyone », concludes the president of the Emilia Romagna Region.

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12.31 – Tajani (Forza Italia): “The technicians are cases, not the rule”
“We are for a political government, then if there is some person who has collected an experience such as to be in government without being a parliamentarian it can happen, but cases must not be the rule,” said Antonio Tajani, coordinator of Forza Italia , speaking to Skytg24 about his party’s doubts about the presence of technicians in the departments of the next government. The technicians then, if there are any, should have «a political involvement, not a party one, sharing the choices of the government. The Italians have chosen, the best will be governed. Meloni, Berlusconi and Salvini are at work and will make the right choices ». Tajani rejects the scheme of defining which ministries can be occupied by technicians: “It is a question of the quality of the people, it is not a question linked to the ministries.” In general, for the coordinator of Forza Italia “it is premature to name the ministers, everyone will do what will be decided, now the necessary contents, criteria and profiles are important”.

11.52 – Hanger: “At the moment it is impossible to dialogue with the Democratic Party”
“We do not want to enter the dynamics of another political force, we will be at the forefront of our battles, minimum wage, citizenship income and climate, it is not a question of people but of agenda, at the moment I believe that this dialogue is impossible », Chiara Appendino, of the M5s, affirmed to Skytg24, speaking of a possible dialogue with the Democratic Party.

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11.34 – Conte (M5s): “The recipes of the center-right are wrong but they are called to govern”
“It’s called democracy and that’s how it works. The recipes of the center-right led by Meloni are inadequate and wrong, but the majority of the voters have placed their trust in them and now they are called to govern. I have an idea of ​​our political system that is obviously different from those party leaders who propose Draghi or other super-technicians to the bitter end, regardless of the vote of the citizens “, he says to the Day the leader of the 5 Stars Giuseppe Conte stressing that the Movement will make a “hard and uncompromising” opposition. With this electoral law, “the center-right is the majority in Parliament but not in the country. We will not allow them to turn the clock back 5 years by canceling the measures in favor of the environment and those against inequalities, corruption and the privileges of the few, launched during my governments ». As for the dialogue with those who will come after Letta Conte, he explains that “what happened must not be degraded to a mere error of political calculation made in the electoral phase. If the Democratic Party has chosen the path of attempting an agreement with all the other political forces available, with the exception of ours, it means that the tension towards the defense of the already consolidated interests of the privileged classes has prevailed over our program radically aimed at transform society and reduce territorial, gender and generational inequalities. It would be completely inappropriate at this time to talk about agreements, as well as to hypothesize a future collaboration in the light of the names written in the newspapers ».

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