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Elections and consensus – El Mercurio newspaper

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The August elections suffer from the dispersion of candidacies in tendencies or multiple claims that are not justified and when Ecuador needs respect and unity, strengthen governance and respond effectively to the great social needs of health, education, work and comprehensive security increasingly pressing.

The current electoral process, of short duration, originates from the need to improve the exercise of political power and overcome the populist impact with its consequences of violations of democratic legality, supported by the 2008 Constitution, a norm that gives nothing humanist, but yes of being the magna carta of the satrapy of the ten years that depleted Ecuador.

One pair is the official correísmo, and the other 7 add up to the number of dispersion so that correísmo has the initial advantage over the other sectors, which, if they acted with civic responsibility, must reach the necessary consensus to promote the Constitution and relevant legislation in order to restore the rule of law and legal certainty.

The rest is staying halfway without fulfilling the political mission of putting the house in order.

Today the structural crisis of Social Security with the IESS on the verge of collapse, added to the economic crisis inherited from correista corruption, whose quantification still does not have defined data, plus unemployment and lack of investment, also results of populist demagogy with the violence of organized crime and common crime, the El Niño Phenomenon, among other factors, require reaching points of agreement for the comprehensive change of the institutional model.

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Candidates for the Presidency and the Assembly have a serious responsibility to offer Ecuador and their own families the honest response that an increasingly pressing reality demands. (EITHER)

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