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Elections, from the redemption of the degree with zero fees for under 25: proposals for young people

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Elections, from the redemption of the degree with zero fees for under 25: proposals for young people

Young people at the center of almost all electoral programs. They range from ad hoc bonuses to subsidized mortgages, from tax reductions for hiring to vote at 16 years of age. But let’s see in detail what the parties are proposing to help this age group.

Third pole: zero taxes for under 25s

For the third-party planners of Action and Italia viva, one of the most ambitious objectives of the program is to help young people become independent as soon as possible. How? By eliminating taxation for young people up to 25 years and cutting it by 50% from 26 to 30. So as to push companies to hire young people, curb the flight of recent graduates abroad and possibly anticipate the exit of twenty-thirty year olds by a few years from the family unit of the parents (which in Italy is among the latest in Europe. The proposal of the first home loan for the under 35s also goes in this sense. The idea is that the State can guarantee 20% of the value of the housing, if a bank has already agreed to cover the remaining 80 per cent with a mortgage. On the school front, the priority is to fight the abandonment of studies by extending the compulsory schooling up to the age of 18. In addition to introducing a ban on internships and traineeships unpaid.

Center-right: strengthening the loan of honor for university students

The center-right dedicates the fifteenth point of its program to young people (together with sport and social issues). In the first place Meloni, Salvini and Berlusconi put the evaluation of the generational impact of laws and measures to protect future generations. They also propose the strengthening of funding instruments for training and work experiences abroad for young graduates and graduates, aimed at re-employment on the
national territory of the skills acquired. The focus is still on the reintroduction and strengthening of the honor loan system for university students and on the introduction of university scholarships for sporting merits. Another objective is the promotion and relaunch of craftsmanship and business as a job prospect for the new generations. Finally, the three leaders ensure support for young entrepreneurs, incentives for the creation of technological and social start-ups.

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Pd: dowry of 10 thousand euros paid at the age of 18 based on the ISEE

The PD program also has a special chapter dedicated to policies for young people (and women). We will introduce a dowry of 10,000 euros, paid at the age of 18 on the basis of the family Isee, to cover expenses related to housing, education and starting a business activity, the Dems promise. will mainly be covered by the additional income resulting from the change in the tax rate on
inheritances and donations exceeding 5 million euros (equal to 0.2% of the total inheritances and donations). Again: We will introduce the obligation to pay for curricular internships and abolish extra-curricular internships, except for those activated in the 12 months following the conclusion of a course of study, so as to ensure that the tool returns to represent an opportunity for training (and no more masked work, as it is now). At the same time – the Dems still write – we will encourage apprenticeships as the main tool for entering the labor market.

The Democratic Party also promises to continue on the path of zeroing contributions for the permanent hiring of young people up to 35 years of age. We will help girls and boys to get out of the house – Letta’s party proposes – by strengthening the Mortgage Guarantee Fund for the first home and introducing a rent contribution of 2,000 euros for students and workers under 35 with Isee less than 20,000 euros. As for the single allowance, the idea is to improve it by strengthening the safeguard clauses, so that no one incurs losses in the transition to the new measure, in particular for people with disabilities and families with disabled children. There is also the issue of pensions: we will introduce a guarantee pension, which immediately allocates the resources necessary to guarantee a decent pension for those with discontinuous and precarious working careers, they assure.

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