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Electronic airbags for motorcycles: Dolomiticert working on the new legislation

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Electronic airbags for motorcycles: Dolomiticert working on the new legislation

There will be a new European regulation for electronic airbags for motorcyclists, they are working on it as protagonists Dolomiticert and theUniversity of Padua.

In fact, in recent days it was held at the headquarters of Certottica a Longarone, the international meeting of the European working group dealing with regulations on mechanically and electronically activated airbags. It was attended by representatives of the main Italian and foreign manufacturing companies and test laboratories, including Dolomiticert (notified body for the certification of DPI just like theelectronically activated airbags), as well as various experts from the countries where this type of device is most widespread, including Italy.

The drafting of the new legislation at the center of the debate draws inspiration from disciplinary drawn up in 2013 and subsequently optimized by Dolomiticert technicians in partnership with the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Padua. The coordinator of the project is Nicola Petrone, professor of machine construction in the Department of the University of Padua Industrial engineeringwho explained that «the work consists precisely in concertation and continuous comparison between different points of view, with the objective, dear to the manufacturers with whom the dialogue is constant and continuous, of safeguarding the quality of the products and preserving the ‘end user safety’.

In reality there is already legislation, but it only concerns the regulation of mechanically activated airbags. Which, in order to function, need to be physically connected to the motorcycle and, via a lanyard, they are activated when the separation between the driver and the vehicle occurs due to an impact or a fall. The system, although effective, is in fact inconvenient and impractical due to the risk of undesired activation.

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Now the technology has evolved and is based on an electronic system capable of recognizing when the rider’s kinematics deviate from the normal driving dynamics and start the gas activator which inflates the airbag bag in a few milliseconds.

By now 70% of the professional riders involved in the championship of Moto GP wear this type of protection. «Now», explains Petrone, «a parallel market has also opened up for road users and it is precisely for them that we are studying this legislation, to ensure that amateur motorcyclists are as safe as those who practice this sport at a competitive level and that the protection is effective not only against collisions with vehicles and obstacles, but also in the event of falls or slips».

“The role of these technical committees is above all strategic,” he comments Corrado Facco, managing director of Certottica and Dolomiticert«because it is the leading companies themselves who actively participate in it and therefore get involved in order to make the passages more fluid to safeguard their product innovations».

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