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Electronic bracelet for those who mistreat women: tomorrow on the CDM the bill against violence

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Safety, protection, prevention and economic support for victims: these are the main pillars on which the package of measures on violence against women is based, which, in the form of the bill, will go to the Council of Ministers tomorrow. An articulate not yet defined in detail and the subject of discussion even in these hours, at least in some of its aspects. Among the measures under consideration, in particular, there would also be the possibility of proceeding ex officio for certain cases that today provide for the denunciation of the victim: it is therefore a question of starting an investigation without complaint, but at the moment this rule – of which also there was also talk on the occasion of the various initiatives of the international day against violence against women – it does not appear in the draft.

On the other hand, one of the measures that is given for certain is the application of the electronic bracelet to men who mistreat, harass or persecute and, more generally, a strengthening of precautionary measures against them. Conversely, interventions are planned to strengthen the protection of women who report. The ministers of the Interior and Justice, Luciana Lamorgese and Marta Cartabia, together with their colleagues Gelmini, Carfagna, Bonetti and Stefani, worked on the provision in particular, each for their own area of ​​competence..

“The gravity of the facts call the institutions to rethink more adequate rules and procedures, aware that a global approach is needed,” said the Minister of Justice in recent days. More specifically, the package of rules should propose interventions on the criminal code and criminal procedure to strengthen prevention tools, such as warning, along the lines of what happens for stalking. The aim is to increase the penalty and provide for the prosecution of the office for beatings and injuries when the crime is committed in the context of domestic violence, in this way it would be possible for the violent to be arrested in flagrante delicto.

We should then intervene to make the obligation to leave the family home more effective and the prohibition to approach the places frequented by the injured person, accompanying him with the electronic bracelet and, in the event that consent is denied, also arrange more afflictive precautionary measures . The criminal delegation provided for the arrest in the act of those who violate the prohibition of approaching, now it is necessary to intervene with precautionary measures to prevent the arrested person from being freed pending trial.

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