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Elena and Luciano’s dream. Sounds from the “house of rock” in the heart of the Unesco hills

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The couple from San Pietro di Feletto was inspired, a few years ago, by the Treviso stage of Angelo Pintus’ karaoke. “At first we used this building as a rehearsal room for our pieces, then we came to live there”


The “House of Music” by Luciano Casagrande and Elena Stocco enchants: love was born at Pintus’ karaoke, which stopped off in Treviso, and now there is a house that recalls the States. It reads: “Welcome anyone who wants to visit us to play and sing something in company”.

This house is located in San Pietro di Feletto, straddling the ancient Pieve di San Pietro di Feletto and Val Trippera. A house with an atypical style for the Prosecco areas. It is surrounded by vineyards and its facade is covered with old guitars and electric basses.

It recalls more the sounds of overseas, the sound of cities like New Orleans, the world capital of jazz or the country riffs of Nashville, Tennessee. Countries in the States, where musical instruments, in addition to being played with passion, feeling and vigor, are an integral part of everyday life and there is no house or corner of any place where a guitar, a bass, a banjo or trumpet do not find their place.

Elena, Luciano and the house of rock in the Unesco hills


Following this stylistic idea, and adding a little improvisation, admits the host Luciano Casagrande, for all “Ciano”, and with the approval of his partner Elena Stocco, the facade of the house was born that welcomes those who arrive. . Somehow, it has been transformed into the image and likeness of the couple who live there.

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He is a 37-year-old with flashy glasses, employee of the Dersut roasting company in Conegliano and singer of the Magirus Band, a local Italian rock group. In 2012, having successfully passed hemodialysis and a kidney transplant, Luciano wrote and dedicated the song entitled “10 novembre” to his donor.

She, 36, works in a company of components for electronics but is a singer-songwriter with a self-produced album, “Angels from a single wing”, has a passion for holistic disciplines and Tibetan bells. We asked Luciano and Elena, how these four walls were transformed in “La casa della musica”.

«In reality – the owner told us – this has always been the home of artists: before us a painter lived there. Then, when Elena and I started looking for a house, we discovered this glimpse immersed in the greenery with which it was immediately our first love. So we decided to move here. For a long time it was a rehearsal room, before deciding to come and live there ».


“Then we were moved by the desire to externalize this almost visceral love for music, the desire to create something that was outside the box for our territories, but at the same time represented us – explained Luciano – and therefore , what better than guitars ?. An aesthetic solution that for now has also been greatly appreciated by the inhabitants of the area, we have received compliments from many parts “.

“The house has almost become a transit destination and a point of reference for the many visitors who immerse themselves in the nature of Val Trippera. More and more are the people who, intrigued, approach asking us for information on guitars, if they are true, if they work. and why we put them there. Then we reply that we put them there because it was too easy to expose the guitars inside, as everyone does. “” Joking aside – explained the couple formed by Luciano and Elena – they are a sort of of passepartout to tell who we are, our great passion, what we do and why we do it ».

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“The guitars themselves represent a language through which we try to bring some music to a normally very quiet place like this one, immersed in the Prosecco hills which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site – confirmed Luciano – it is truly a place of peace and quiet with which we want to enter into symbiosis in our own way, and therefore precisely with music, its instruments and its symbols ». –

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