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Eleven peasant families in San Alberto received land

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Eleven peasant families in San Alberto received land

In the municipality of San Alberto, Cesar, the delivery of land to peasant families and peace signatories was carried out, for the implementation of productive projects that contribute to the execution of the Agrarian Reform and food sovereignty led by the Government in alliance with the Sociedad de Activos Especiales, SAE.

This is an alliance with the peasantry and the private company, Alquería, to promote dairy productivity through the project: “Vaca Madrina” in three properties with domain forfeiture located in San Alberto, department of Cesar, which will initially benefit 11 families from the region.

The project that the peasants will implement with the support of Alquería and the SAE, is an alliance where the State makes available the assets it manages and its institutional offer and the peasants, the knowledge, experience and workforce to work the field. On this occasion, the private company provides technical assistance and guarantees the purchase of the milk.

The Project that arises in this field, is about the sustainable productive reconversion to improve the productivity of cattle and the quality of the dairy products that the company makes. This objective contributes to good environmental management, the economic sustainability of families and the strengthening of a livestock system of small producers, which adds to the improvement of the quality of life of the livestock farming population of this region.

Finally, the SAE has put three housing units into operation to provide a habitat for the peasant families that will be involved in the project. It is expected that this will be the first productive unit of the alliance between the State, the peasantry and the Vaca Madrina program of the Alquería company.

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The appointed president of the Rural Development Agency, Luis Higuera, accompanied this delivery process in order to evaluate the missionary intervention models, focused on the productive projects that are going to be carried out there.


The El Berlín property was handed over to representatives of the ETCR Mariana Páez, which was located in the municipality of Mesetas and who, from today, will continue with their productive projects in the municipality of Acacías, also in the department of Meta.

The titling of the new property was a commitment of the Government of Change with the peace signatories, and in less than 45 days the National Land Agency achieved the acquisition with the purchase of the property from the Special Assets Society and the titling of 1453 hectares of land, where they can have a safe space to build their homes and continue with their projects, especially livestock and dairy products.

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