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ELN, peace in 2025 | The New Century

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ELN, peace in 2025 |  The New Century

* Pact towards the ceasefire

* Laureano Gomez against Hitler

According to yesterday’s meeting in Cuba, headed by President Gustavo Petro and the top chief of the ELN, “Antonio García”, there is an express will to agree soon to a formal ceasefire, understood as a bilateral suspension of offensive operations. at the national level, between the Colombian State and that group. For these purposes, the parties established a schedule so that, between July and August, the country can find out about the protocols and methods that are beginning to be enlisted; what would be the eventual mechanisms for locating and verifying the forces; If among the aspects to consider will be the prohibition of kidnapping and extortion, and if the old claim of the ELN that the State or some type of fund finance their fronts while suspending their actions will be fulfilled; and, finally, the other clauses common to terminations of this type that, once the protocols are achieved, will be adopted for six months and may be extended according to the circumstances.

According to what the president said, it is also a quickly resolved armistice since, according to its terms, peace with the ELN will be signed in May 2025, the deadline for the final clearing of that guerrilla. It will be, then, in that period that, when civil society is called together in countless meetings and in multiple regions, it will also have to give an institutional outlet to each of the various partial agreements of a political nature arising from what is discussed there, in line with the agenda preset. As is well known, the difference between this peace process and the others is that what is agreed is applied immediately, so that the legislative acts, laws and decrees that seek a new constitutional development or modify public policies must be processed almost than in the term of the distance.

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It is also not known if in the period the ELN will accept or design a jurisdiction like the JEP, nor how the pardon or amnesty will be understood.

For his part, the Colombian author most brought to the fore, both by García and by Petro, was José Eustasio Rivera, the Huilense writer of La Vorágine. Without having alluded to that, without a doubt Rivera enjoys perhaps the clearest prose, contained with regard to imaginative excesses and sharp and precise intelligence, among all Colombian novelists, even despite his premature death. Apart from this, the central point of García’s concise intervention was given in two essential facets: that the ELN was not divided (as Petro had suggested weeks before) and that they would not carry out a process that would not lead to real and effective changes, to difference from the previous ones (alluding to the Farc and the M-19).

On his side, Petro, elaborated on his guerrilla past in the same M-19, said more or less that Jaime Bateman (pronouncing him in English) was the beginning and end of peace in Colombia as a marker of the processes until today, including the ELN, and touched on multiple topics, even reaching Hitler.

Before delving into this subject, he maintained as a prologue that the Colombian conservative newspapers of the time, like Nazis, delighted in publishing his speeches. At least as far as this newspaper is concerned, its founder, Laureano Gómez, long before any Colombian, marked the future line and concluded in an extensive article signed a few days after Hitler’s rise to the German Chancellery, without it having been developed yet. nothing of the subsequent hecatomb: “Your program has definite flaws, human flaws… In the National Socialist movement there are powerful ferments of unhealthy passions, hatred, arrogance, petulance, excessive ambition, conquering appetite. There are scientifically false postulates such as that of the purity of the Germanic race… there is an excess of faith in the efficiency of violence… It is a social system, materialistic and cold, a sad imitation, a deficient replacement for the living body of a political system that was inspired by the eternal principles of equity and justice, enlivened by the generous and ultimately more scientific concept of the equality of the human race.. He wrote it just at the time when conservative peasants were being murdered everywhere in the Olaya Herrera regime and he was asking for an end to violence without government restraint.

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Perhaps, on the other hand, the similarities with Hitler would be rather incontrovertible between his order to burn, through a terrorist, the Reichstag (German Congress) with the same seizure and burning of the Palace of Justice, in the Plaza de Bolívar in Bogotá , carried out by the M-19, the worst catastrophe reported in this country, among so many painful acts of terror to lament.

Having clarified this, it is worth noting that Petro and García shook hands, with the obligatory photos, as the beginning of the negotiation towards peace that the president promised to conclude in 2025.

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