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Embrace Life: Celebrate International Hug Day

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Embrace Life: Celebrate International Hug Day

Ivanna Fernandez

Today is International Hug Day, a date created by Kevin Zaborney, an American concerned about the few displays of affection that people make in public, even with their family members. With the goal of promoting the importance of hugs and their positive impact on physical and emotional health, Zaborney decided to create a holiday that would provide an excuse to give and receive hugs.

In addition to its importance in human relationships, hugs also have a positive impact on our health. The release of oxytocin, a hormone related to well-being and a sense of security, helps reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, hugging can also help lower blood pressure and improve immune system function.

In an interview for El Diario, clinical psychologist Yenith Sánchez Torres explained that “scientifically it has been shown that the hug is a gesture and a basic element of communication in humans and this is detected from childhood. Since he is born, he begins to give this demonstration of love with hugs. From psychology, according to research, when we hug we secrete oxytocin, endorphin, and reduce cortisol and adrenaline levels, these two hormones are those of stress, by hugging, we reduce negativity in the emotional and psychological part of human beings.”

How long should physical contact last to feel full?

A hug of at least 20 seconds is the time necessary for the brain to release oxytocin and the positive effect is felt in the body. However, there is no specific time to feel the effect, each person is different, the important thing is that it is a sincere and real hug.

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It is an opportunity to reflect on the importance of displays of love and affection in our lives, and to remember the importance of human relationships and physical contact. Hugs have a positive impact on our health and the time needed to feel full is at least 20 seconds.

In conclusion, a hug is a simple but powerful gesture that can make a difference in our lives. It is a demonstration of love, affection and solidarity that is always present at a celebration, helps at a bad time and brightens up a greeting. In addition, it is an action that has various benefits in health, safety and self-esteem. So let’s not forget to give and receive hugs frequently, since it is a way of taking care of our mental and physical health.

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