Home News Embrace more than 5,000 products in the first season of the China Import Expo, let you choose Hongqiao Pinhui Phase II Building A

Embrace more than 5,000 products in the first season of the China Import Expo, let you choose Hongqiao Pinhui Phase II Building A

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Embrace more than 5,000 products in the first season of the China International ExpoFly into the homes of ordinary people

Hongqiao Pinhui Phase IIAThe building was officially opened. (Photo by Cui Songge)

Hongqiao Pinhui is located in the Hongqiao International Central Business District, with a total construction area of ​​about 80,000 square meters. The first floor is about 7,000 square meters. With the theme of 2021 “Embrace the CIIE First Season”, it presents the annual exhibition of CIIE commodities and special CIIE Expo. Six themed scenes, including the food extension area, the previous Expo Internet celebrity shopping area, the imported light luxury bonded exhibition and trading area, the international jewelry display and trading area, and the China Map on-demand printing display experience center, focus on showing the convenience of various services in the Expo. Application and results of measures. On the first floor of Building A, there are currently more than 500 brands and more than 5,000 products settled.

At this event called “New Opportunities, New Platforms and New Developments”, the results of the Expo and the opening ceremony of Building A of Hongqiao Pinhui Phase II, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huizhan International Trade Co., Ltd., and Sheng 8 Minhang companies including Die Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Kao (Shanghai), Shanghai Longwu Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market Management Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guzhun Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., Johnson & Johnson (China) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Hanyao Instruments and Equipment The buyer representatives of the trading sub-groups and the corresponding exhibitor representatives completed a centralized contract.

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On October 29, the China-Europe Express Train “Jinbo” loaded with Jinbo goods arrived at the Shanghai Minhang Maqiao Freight Station. The smooth arrival of the “Jinbo” marked the realization of two-way operation of the Shanghai China-Europe Express. At the event site, Oriental Silk Road Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangwei Electric Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd., Li & Fung Supply Chain Management (China) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shengjia Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., Yongli Ou Railway International Six companies including Logistics (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. signed the contract.

In addition, Vanke Logistics Development Co., Ltd., Kalek Sealing Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Moxin Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dehua Bunny Decoration Material Sales Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuanli Fenglin Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Zhongchuang Six enterprises of Quantum Communication Technology Co., Ltd. also signed a cooperation agreement with Nanhongqiao.

The signing ceremony of the Minhang Trading Sub-group.Provided by Minhang District

According to Li Hui, director of the Minhang District Economic Commission, the epidemic cannot stop the enthusiasm of professional visitors. At the CIIE, there were more than 1,100 units in Minhang District, and more than 6,400 people signed up for purchases, which was higher than the level of the same period last year. At the same time, the amount of purchase transactions rose against the trend. A total of 50 overseas parent companies of foreign-funded enterprises in Minhang District actively participated in the exhibition. More than 1,000 companies and more than 4,800 professional buyers signed up to visit and purchase. Up to now, the cumulative amount of intentional purchases has exceeded 1 billion US dollars, an increase of 20% compared with last year. .

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