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Employing minor domestic workers should be made a crime: HRCP

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Employing minor domestic workers should be made a crime: HRCP

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) on Monday demanded that the employment of underage domestic workers be made a crime.

After the case of 13-year-old Rizwana Bibi, the Chairperson of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, Hina Jilani, has demanded that the employment of underage domestic workers be made a crime.

Advocate Supreme Court Zia Ahmad Awan is of the opinion that “the recent case of violence against domestic workers is not child labor but slavery. Anti-Slavery Law and International Convention have been signed in Pakistan, it has been given the name of child labor and it has been exaggerated.” goes so that this work continues, it is not allowed in the constitution of Pakistan.’

According to the Chairperson of the Sindh Commission on the Status of Women, Nizhat Sharin, it is the duty of the legislators sitting in the National Assembly to enact effective legislation for the rights of child labourers. Any legislation should be in line with ILO conventions. In 2020, the Federal Ministry of Human Rights, after the approval of the Federal Cabinet, made it illegal to employ children for domestic work under the Child Employment Act, 1991, after which each province through a resolution made it illegal in its own province. had to be enforced.’

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Member of the National Assembly, Kishore Zahra, expressing her anger regarding keeping young girls as domestic servants, said that the wife of an influential judge in Islamabad behaved like an executioner as a mistress, after which humanity seemed to end. .’

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He further said that ‘if we examine the causes of the said problem, the first reason is class difference which gives rise to pride and arrogance. There is an extreme imbalance in the class and relationship between the employees, children and their owners, which creates a sense of dominance in the owners, while feelings of insecurity and helplessness arise in the employees. It is this imbalance of power in which there is all authority and power on one side and complete helplessness on the other.’

Mahnaz Rehman, the head of Aurat Foundation, said that poverty is one of the main reasons for increasing the number of jobs in the homes of children, including child labor. People know that a hungry stomach is ready to endure any cruelty. Treat them like toys and shut them up with money, no one will say anything.’

“Similarly, parents are equally involved in the abuse of young domestic workers and keep silent even when the mountains of cruelty against children are broken, these cases are not reported, while these cases are reported and their If a voice is raised against it, surely this evil can be reduced. About 80 to 90 percent of cases of violence against domestic workers in Pakistan are not reported.

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