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Energy costs: help for small businesses

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Energy costs: help for small businesses

The government pays a lump sum for energy costs to companies with annual sales of between 10,000 and 400,000 euros. Applications can be submitted from today until November 30th via energiekostenpauchse.at. They are possible retrospectively for the year 2022, as the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) announced on Tuesday. The FFG is responsible for processing.

The flat-rate funding is calculated automatically and, according to the FFG, can be between 110 and 2475 euros. No documents, receipts, proof of energy intensity or tax documents are required. All that is required is a mobile phone signature and access to the company service portal. According to the information provided, the respective subsidy amount is calculated on the basis of an energy calculation key from the Energy Agency and Statistics Austria according to industry affiliation and turnover. The Chamber of Commerce calls for the quick preparation of the energy cost allowance for 2023.


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