Home News Energy, Draghi: «14 billion decree without extra deficit. Not available for new mandate “

Energy, Draghi: «14 billion decree without extra deficit. Not available for new mandate “

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Energy, Draghi: «14 billion decree without extra deficit.  Not available for new mandate “

On a loyal government fiscal delegation, a party is not

The premier recalled that “there was an agreement with all the political forces, that is, that the fiscal delegation would be voted on 7 September. The government has pledged not to write the delegated decrees until the date of the elections. The government has kept its word. All the political forces, except one (the League, ed) that did not keep his word and did not vote for it ». Thus Draghi answering a question on fiscal delegation. «The first reflection to make is therefore that we have tried to do everything possible. Not keeping their word is not the method of this government, there is a big difference between those who keep it and those who don’t. And you cannot say that you think like us ».

Sanctions work, support in Kiev until the end

On the international front Draghi reiterated that «sanctions work. We must understand this, otherwise we would not understand certain recent behaviors of President Putin and we must continue on that front of support for Ukraine for the war of liberation from those who invaded the country ”.

There are those who secretly talk to the Russians and want to lift sanctions

But the premier also denounced that “there are those who speak secretly with the Russians, who want to lift the sanctions. He is there too »in the electoral campaign,« but the majority of Italians don’t do it and don’t want to do it. I look to the majority of Italians and to the government I had the honor of presiding over ».

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Franco, a total of 66 billion in aid, deficit remains at 5.6%

Alongside Draghi at the press conference, the ministers of Economy and Finance Daniele Franco (“I hope the next government has a minister as good as Franco”, confided the former president of the ECB) and of the ecological transition Roberto Cingolani. Today, Franco explained, “we allocate 14 billion in total,” which added to those of the past months become 66. “We have dedicated 33 billion to energy, with today’s ten billion become 43. The debt remains at 5.6 %, indicated in the Nadef and in the Def ». The coverage of the decree derives from higher revenues, from the rationalization of the balance sheet items and from the compensation mechanism applied to renewable sources.

With good political growth it can remain expansive

“It is essential to continue to support” the production sector, continued the Minister of Economy, there is “uncertainty at the international level, but it is important that budgetary policy continues to support the production sector. If there is an adequate rate of growth, I think that economic policy can remain positive, in support of growth ”, also next year.

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