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Enhancing Global Governance: Tongxiang Bureau’s ‘Three Types of Empowerment’ Leads the Way

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Title: Tongxiang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau’s “Three Types of Empowerment” Enhances Global Governance

Release date: August 2, 2023, 11:00

In a bid to effectively address conflicts, maintain jurisdiction stability, and serve the masses accurately, the Tongxiang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau is striving to enhance the modernization level of grassroots governance. Through grid-based, digital, and experience-based empowerment, the bureau aims to bolster governance efforts across the region.

Firstly, the bureau is implementing grid-based empowerment for global governance. Taking advantage of three exclusive street grids and 19 special mobile grids, the bureau has adopted a governance structure that emphasizes overall planning for street grids, classification for mobile grids, synchronization for community grids, and unified network management. By refining the governance responsibilities of grid officers and road section chiefs, as well as establishing clear enforcement roles for each grid, the bureau ensures comprehensive coverage of sudden, recurrent, and challenging governance issues in the 19 villages and communities. So far, a team of 47 grid law enforcement personnel has been deployed, resulting in the discovery of 13 grid clues, immediate resolution of 12 problems, and reporting and circulation for resolution of one issue.

Secondly, the bureau has embraced digital empowerment for global governance. By utilizing a large screen command center, officials can easily access information on regional responsibilities, law enforcement areas, and designated law enforcement personnel. This “smart governance” approach allows for a centralized view of all governance-related information. Moreover, the integration of functional sections and enforcement qualifications enables effective coordination among multiple departments, including public security, land, and natural resources. The system uses the “big screen” to quickly identify problems such as illegal dumping, disorderly stalls, and unauthorized parking, dispatching resources promptly for resolution. This approach ensures efficient handling of issues and achieves early detection and disposal, forming a closed-loop and comprehensive solution. To date, 53 problems have been identified online, with 40 of them being addressed through online delivery and completion of disposal, while 13 were resolved offline after online discovery.

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Lastly, the bureau focuses on experience-based empowerment for global governance. Drawing inspiration from the successful “Fengqiao experience,” the bureau has collaborated with multiple departments to establish 19 innovative “poll centers” in designated areas. These centers aim to address urgent issues faced by the local population. By emphasizing organizational leadership, thorough promotion, and the active involvement of all stakeholders, conflict mediation work has evolved from an individual effort to a collaborative endeavor. This approach enhances the sense of satisfaction, happiness, and security among the masses while promoting a comprehensive ability to resolve conflicts and disputes. Each “poll center” has conducted 26 discussions and established corresponding solution lists, resulting in a 100% interactive resolution rate.

With the implementation of grid-based, digital, and experience-based empowerment, the Tongxiang Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau is making significant strides toward enhancing global governance. These efforts contribute to the stability and well-being of the jurisdiction, enabling the bureau to address governance challenges promptly and efficiently for the benefit of the community.

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