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Ensure that the price of materials is stable and sufficient, and do a good job in people’s livelihood services (effectively coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development)

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(Original title: Chongqing——Ensure that the price of materials is stable and sufficient, and do a good job in people’s livelihood services (effectively coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development))

Our newspaper, Chongqing, November 26th (Reporters Wang Binlai, Chang Biluo) At present, the epidemic prevention and control work in Chongqing is in a critical and critical period. Chongqing unswervingly adheres to the supremacy of the people and life, unswervingly implements the general strategy of “external defense import, internal defense rebound”, and unswervingly implements the general policy of “dynamic clearing”; adheres to the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan, implements the twenty We will take multiple measures to improve the quality of life, mobilize high-quality medical personnel to carry out treatment, and do our best to ensure the production and life of the masses, ensure that the prices of daily necessities are stable and sufficient, and ensure the normal operation of the main functions of the city.

In order to effectively protect people’s livelihood, Chongqing has made every effort to optimize and improve the supply level. In terms of offline supply, Chongqing requires supermarkets, community vegetable stores, convenience stores and other supply places to “should open as much as possible” under the premise of taking good epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure sufficient stocks of living materials. In terms of online supply, it is required to strengthen the guarantee of places such as e-commerce warehouses, front warehouse grid warehouses, and express delivery stations, and urge major e-commerce platforms and key supermarket online channels to optimize order release strategies to ensure purchase demand.

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“In order to meet everyone’s shopping needs in a timely manner, we now have 80 employees who are dedicated to online orders, from 6 am to 10 pm, receiving orders, picking goods, and handling after-sales.” said the person in charge of a supermarket in Liangjiang New District, Chongqing. In order to ensure the supply of living materials, the local area conducts daily monitoring reports on living materials to grasp the supply dynamics in a timely and accurate manner to ensure daily needs. Nan’an District has also established a four-level supply guarantee market network of “key supply guarantee enterprises + farmers’ markets + e-commerce platforms + community auxiliary supply guarantee outlets”, which monitors the prices of daily necessities for the masses and smooths the logistics process.

The Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce requires the relevant supermarkets to move their stocking sites forward and increase their inventory levels to meet the purchasing needs of the masses. Statistics show that the recent entry volume of vegetables and fruits in the major agricultural product wholesale markets in the central urban area of ​​Chongqing has remained at about 15,000 tons per day.

Take multiple measures to keep the traffic arteries and logistics microcirculation unimpeded. Since the current round of the epidemic, Chongqing has processed more than 80,000 passes for key materials to ensure the smooth flow of goods. Chongqing has also built 21 “driver’s homes” in expressway service areas and other areas, equipped with living facilities such as catering and accommodation, and strives to provide freight drivers with rest, dining and other services.

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Strengthen terminal distribution to ensure the distribution of living materials into the community. Chongqing has set up temporary guarantee supply outlets around communities with living supplies needs in the central urban area, and added supply guarantee channels to provide the masses with important living supplies. In Lianglukou Street, Yuzhong District, the goods from the farmer’s market were transported to the temporary storage sites of 7 communities affiliated to the street, and then the supply company organized personnel to sort 6 types of standard packages of daily necessities, such as vegetables, meat, grain and oil, and finally volunteered by the community or delivered to the building.

Chongqing has also strengthened the whole-chain supervision of the prices of vegetables and other important livelihood commodities, and carried out special price monitoring on some online platforms. Up to now, 15 special teams have descended into the central urban area, and a total of 236 cases of price, measurement, food and drug, etc. have been investigated and dealt with. Chongqing also launched a “cultural feast” on the cloud, including a large exhibition of film and television dramas, a museum on the cloud, etc., to provide spiritual and cultural products.

“People’s Daily” (Version 01, November 27, 2022)

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