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Ensuring a Safe and Enjoyable Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day: Wang Yixin Emphasizes the Importance of Safety Precautions

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Wang Yixin Emphasizes Safety Precautions During Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

Heilongjiang, China – In a video dispatch meeting held by the provincial government on September 27, Wang Yixin stressed the need to strengthen safety precautions during the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays. The goal is to ensure that people can enjoy the holidays safely and happily.

The meeting aimed to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on production safety and follow the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government. It also focused on re-arranging work safety in key areas and enhancing safety responsibilities as part of the “2023 Action for Special Investigation and Rectification of Major Accident Hazards” and the “Year Action for the Implementation of Corporate Responsibilities”.

Wang Yixin, member of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee, Executive Vice Governor, and Deputy Director of the Provincial Security Committee, delivered a speech at the meeting. He emphasized that the upcoming holidays present multiple intertwined security risks. With the flow of family visits, tourism, and students overlapping, transportation safety risks become prominent. Additionally, the autumn harvest period sees farmers and workers traveling intensively, further exacerbating safety concerns. Mass gathering activities also increase during this time.

To address these challenges, Wang Yixin urged localities and departments to strengthen risk analysis and take effective measures to create a safe and stable environment for the people to enjoy the holidays. Key industries such as mining, hazardous chemicals, industry and trade, transportation, gas, and housing construction should prioritize safety risk management and control. Enterprises should ensure that relevant personnel perform their duties and implement safety responsibilities. High-risk operations and areas should be strictly monitored, and efforts to investigate and rectify hidden dangers in densely populated places and high-risk industries should be accelerated.

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Moreover, Wang Yixin emphasized the importance of precise law enforcement, strict investigation and punishment, and continuous improvement of the “two actions” to enhance safety measures. He also called for strengthened duty monitoring and information reporting, and the readiness of rescue teams at all levels. Efforts to prevent and extinguish forest fires should not be relaxed, aiming to create a safe and peaceful environment for the people to celebrate the festival.

The province seeks to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for its residents as Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day approaches.

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