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Ensuring electricity consumption in key areas such as people’s livelihood and public affairs – China Daily

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This newspaper, Beijing, August 21 (Reporter Ding Yiting) At present, some areas of my country are affected by extreme high temperature and dry weather, and the power load has repeatedly hit record highs. According to the relevant person in charge of the Electric Power Department of the National Energy Administration, during the peak period of electricity consumption, the highest load in the country increased by 6.4% year-on-year; since late June, the water supply of hydropower in some basins has been low, and the output of hydropower units has been seriously affected. Side management and orderly power consumption measures are adopted to ensure the balance of power supply and demand; with the production of supporting power sources and the improvement of output conditions, the supply and demand situation is generally stable.

Recently, the National Energy Administration has successively held special conferences on ensuring power supply in key regions such as East China, Central China and North China, requesting that local, enterprise and grid power supply guarantee responsibilities be tightened; To ensure the supply of electricity and coal in key areas and key power plants; strengthen the supervision of unplanned outages and output obstructions of units to achieve stable and full production; give full play to the advantages of large power grids, strengthen cross-province and cross-regional power mutual assistance; optimize and refine power demand side management and orderly electricity consumption plan to ensure electricity consumption in key areas such as people’s livelihood and public affairs.

Since July, the average precipitation in Sichuan has been 51% lower than the same period of the previous year, and the hydropower generation capacity has dropped significantly. In response to the shortage of power supply, the State Grid dispatched electricity across provinces to support Sichuan to the greatest extent possible, and Shaanxi vacated the transmission channel to fully power Sichuan. At present, the DC transmission channel from Baoji, Shaanxi Province to Deyang, Sichuan is running at full power, and 132 million kWh of electricity is sent to Sichuan every day from outside the province.

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