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Enter with a knife and rob the Maserada drugstore

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Enter with a knife and rob the Maserada drugstore

He threatened the pharmacist, and after having received the collection he ran away.

MASERADA. He entered with a knife parapharmacy of Maserada and had the proceeds delivered. It happened on Thursday morning at 11 in via Caccianiga. The man entered the shop wearing sunglasses to try to hide his face at least partially and brandishing a knife.

He had probably been stationed outside before, to wait for the most opportune moment to act. There were no customers when he entered the shop. He went over to the pharmacist and has it threatened with the knife. Taken the proceeds, for a booty of a few hundred euros, he ran away.

The pharmacist has nothing left to do but call the police. The carabinieri arrived in via Caccianiga, who gathered her testimony and went to the police station hunt for the robberat the moment vainly.

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