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Entrusted by Yin Yin, to illuminate the way forward in the old districts – Economics – Southeast China

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Entrusted by Yin Yin, to illuminate the way forward in the old districts – Economics – Southeast China

On October 31, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping had a cordial discussion with representatives of the old Red Army, military martyrs, and revolutionary “five old” personnel during his participation in the military political work conference in Gutian Town, Shanghang County. He said emotionally that we should never forget the old districts and the people in the old districts, and we should continue to support the construction of the old districts. The cadres and masses of Gutian always keep in mind the entrustment and forge ahead, so that a red cultural tourism town with great characteristics and bright spots will rise in the red holy land——

Entrusted by Yin Yin, to illuminate the way forward in the old district

During the Spring Festival, the Gutian conference site was full of tourists.

Southeast Net, January 25th (Fujian Daily reporter Zhang Jie Dai Min correspondent Zhang Fengyuwen/picture)

“I hope that everyone will continue to work hard, make further progress, achieve new and greater achievements in rural revitalization, and move towards common prosperity together, and life will become more and more prosperous.”… On January 18, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited through a video link Condolences to the grassroots cadres and the masses, and best wishes for the New Year to the people of all ethnic groups across the country.

The old revolutionary base in western Fujian is a place that General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been very concerned about. During his work in Fujian, Comrade Xi Jinping made 19 visits to western Fujian, including 7 visits to Gutian and 3 visits to Caixi for research, to visit the old Red Army and the revolutionary “five veterans”, pay homage to the revolutionary sites, and trace the footprints of the revolution.

On October 31, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping, who came to Shanghang to participate in the political work conference of the whole army, specially invited 10 representatives of the old Red Army, military martyrs and revolutionary “five veterans” to the Gutian party member and cadre education base, and had a cordial discussion with them . After listening to everyone’s speeches, the general secretary earnestly urged the military and local leaders present to always remember the contributions made by the people in the old areas to the revolution, never forget the old areas, and never forget the people in the old areas. “Minshan, Minshui, Wuhuaxin-Xi Jinping’s Footprint in Fujian” has made a complete and clear record of this.

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Keep in mind the entrustment and forge ahead. In recent years, Gutian cadres and the masses have consciously inherited and carried forward the spirit of the Gutian Conference, and infrastructure, rural revitalization, and people’s livelihood and well-being have all progressed side by side.

Great strides in rural revitalization

This Spring Festival, the picturesque red flags were displayed in front of the Gutian conference site, and there was an endless stream of tourists; in Yuanmeng Village, the tourists who came here attracted the popularity of this new Internet celebrity attraction… According to incomplete statistics, only in the past three days, Gutian The number of tourists reached 35,000.

“In the past few days, many people have come to travel during the Spring Festival, and our business has also exploded.” On the afternoon of the 24th, Lai Chunmei, the owner of Zhufuyuan Homestay, was busy in Zhuling Village, Gutian Town, “a beautiful leisure village in Fujian Province”. It’s hard to beat.

In 2020, the Zhufuyuan Homestay run by Lai Chunmei and his wife officially opened. In the past three years, they have overcome the impact of the epidemic and expanded their catering and homestay business to labor education, outdoor development, team building training, e-commerce and other fields, achieving diversified development, and their annual turnover has stabilized at around 8 million yuan. In Zhuling Village, there are several such farmhouses.

In recent years, Zhuling Village has taken advantage of its ecological advantages to vigorously promote rural revitalization. It has established two companies, Fujian Native Agriculture Co., Ltd. and Hongyu Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., to carry out characteristic fruit and vegetable base experience picking and Chinese bee breeding, and develop red tours and study tours. , Promote the construction of the “Research Town” rural red tourism brand, produce bamboo furniture products, bamboo cultural tourism souvenirs, establish and operate e-commerce companies such as “Wei Xiao De Local Manor” and “Dr. Man Animation Peripherals”, becoming a provincial rural revitalization pilot village. What Zhuling Village presents to the world today is an idyllic landscape painting intertwined with distant mountains, near water, emerald bamboo, and black tiles.

The change in Zhuling benefited from the construction of a pilot demonstration zone for rural revitalization and common prosperity that Gutian Town is fully promoting.

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The Party Committee of Gutian Town coordinated policies and resources, and focused on building pilot demonstrations; the Party branches of each village led cooperatives to transfer resources and assets in a unified manner; town-owned enterprises and professional teams jointly funded and established a project operation company; Capital into shares, realize the transformation of resources into assets, funds into shares, and villagers into shareholders, and explore and practice the pioneering path to promote common prosperity.

In Yuanmeng Village of Wudi Community, the catering, camping and leisure, river tracing and other facilities planned for the first phase of the rural revitalization project have been completed and put into use, becoming a new Internet celebrity place for rural tourism in Longyan; in the “Fucun” project, Wulong Village will Collective assets such as the department, folk culture square, rice wine expo garden, and idle land are packaged and leased to Fucun Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and the annual income of the village collective is increased by 60,000 yuan…

Since last year, Gutian has completed the construction of 10 key projects in the “one county, one area” Honggutian area, with a total investment of 218 million yuan; implemented 13 pilot demonstration projects for rural revitalization in 4 villages including Mafang, Sujiapo, Zhuling, and Wudi. With a total investment of 9.35 million yuan, the construction of the Gutian Rural Revitalization Demonstration Zone is at the forefront of the province.

People’s livelihood and well-being are more abundant

“General Secretary Xi Jinping’s video connection to visit and condolences to grassroots cadres and the masses made us feel warm and gave us the motivation to continue to move forward. In recent years, we have kept in mind our entrustment, insisted on setting an example in promoting rural revitalization and promoting common prosperity, and insisted on putting the people first. The development idea of ​​the center has solidly promoted the construction of demonstration areas for rural revitalization and common prosperity, and the old areas have undergone earth-shaking changes, and the lives of the masses have become more and more prosperous.” Hua Juan, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghang County Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Committee of Gutian Town, said.

Statistics show that in 2022, Gutian Town’s industrial output value above designated size is expected to be 479 million yuan, and the total fiscal revenue for the year will be 53.7478 million yuan. Correspondingly, Minsheng’s report card is equally impressive. Improving people’s income is the biggest livelihood. Leisure tourism, red training, research and other industries have driven people’s employment and income. Last year, the per capita disposable income of local rural residents was 26,012 yuan, laying a solid foundation for people’s livelihood.

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On this basis, Gutian took the initiative to integrate into the brand building of “Great Love Longyan” in the new era of spiritual civilization, and deepened the six special promotion actions of “love to respect the elderly, love to protect buds, love to help the disabled, love to see a doctor, love to help the weak, and love to help the poor” to enrich Scholarships and teaching funds for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, to fully promote the construction of Gutian Branch of Shanghang County Hospital; Nine Village Happiness Hospitals including Liling passed the three-star rating; continued to promote the reform of funerals and burials, and completed the surrounding environment improvement project of non-profit columbaria in six villages including Zhuyuan and Yunhui; achieved full coverage of urban and rural basic medical insurance, and urban and rural pension insurance. All guarantees are guaranteed; 5.86 million yuan of subsidies are issued to various needy groups, 900,000 yuan of special care and living allowances are issued, and 308,000 yuan of family preferential treatment for conscripts enlisted in the army; Gutian Convenience Service Center is a national pilot for the standardization of township convenience integrated services in Shanghang County, Passed the assessment with the highest score in the province… One by one, the protection of the people’s livelihood in Gutian, the Holy Land, is stronger.

Hua Juan said that in the next step, Gutian will follow the direction guided by the general secretary and focus on “three steps ahead to set an example”, solidly promote the construction of a demonstration zone for rural revitalization and common prosperity, and build a high-quality development demonstration zone for the old revolutionary bases in western Fujian. In the process, the red and green town of Gutian, where red and green complement each other, will shine even more brilliantly.

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