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Epidemic heats up, Heihe, Heihe, a black province, suspends work and business, and bans people and vehicles from leaving the city | Heilongjiang |

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[Epoch Times October 28, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Hong Ning interviewed and reported) A confirmed case of the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19) has been reported in Heihe City, Heilongjiang, and the local area has suspended production and operations. At the same time, many parts of the province have entered an emergency state and a state of war. Jiamusi City carried out 7-day emergency management and control.

Recently, at least 16 provinces in the mainland have experienced a new round of epidemics. “Heilongjiang Daily” WeChat public account reported on October 28 that the epidemic situation in the mainland showed a serious situation of spreading at multiple points.

According to the local official report, on October 27, there was 1 newly confirmed local case in Heilongjiang (Aihui District, Heihe City) and 3 cases of asymptomatic infection (Aihui District, Heihe City). Many places in the province have entered emergency situations.

The local authorities announced the situation of confirmed case 1 in Heihe: The current address is Jinlan Community Meteorological Bureau, Aihui District, Heihe City.

The main activity tracks include shopping in the Dongyu Hardware Store, shopping in the Unicom small market, dining in the 102 private room of the Qiao Lao Wucai Restaurant in Aihui District, Lanmei hair dyeing opposite the thermal power plant, Black Swan Electric Shopping Mall, and Shandong Zibo Electric Appliances opposite the Black Swan. Wanda home appliance shopping, Heihe Ren’ai Hospital and Heihe Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital handle transfer procedures.

On the 28th, Mr. Wang (pseudonym), a citizen living in South Street, Aihui District, Heihe City, told The Epoch Times reporter that the confirmed case was a native of Heihe, and it was detected at Heihe Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and counted as a local case.

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Mr. Wang said that Heihe was in trouble this time because the confirmed case had contacted many people.

“We ordinary people know something, but we dare not say it casually. This is the second time this year that the city has been closed. Since yesterday (27th) morning, the whole city has been closed and all the shops have been locked.” Mr. Wang also said that the whole city Nucleic acid testing is underway, and citizens are undergoing the second round of testing. I heard that it will be done at least five times.

On the afternoon of the 28th, a reporter from The Epoch Times called Heihe Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, but no one answered the three calls.

Heihe City’s official announcement stated on the 27th that the city has implemented the most stringent control over urban social areas from 0:00 on October 28. Except for some departments such as water, electricity, gas heating and communications security, all operations will be suspended; except for some government-approved departments. Outside the staff, the movement of people is strictly prohibited; supermarkets, warehouses, grocery stores, and pharmacies are open for limited time and current.

Traffic control is implemented in the urban area, and buses and taxis are all suspended. Except for medical and ambulance vehicles, other vehicles are prohibited from passing. Vehicles and people in the urban area are not allowed to leave the city, and people and vehicles are not allowed to enter the city unless necessary.

The closed management of all residential communities and surrounding villages in the city’s urban area will be carried out. Only one entrance and exit will be kept. There will be a dedicated person on duty every day from 6:30 to 22:00. Personnel entering and exiting the community must implement the measures of “scanning code + temperature measurement + wearing a mask” to check nucleic acid test reports and access passes. All gathering places within the community will be closed, and all gathering activities in the community will be cancelled.

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At the same time, Mudanjiang City and Jixi City have also entered a state of war.

Jiamusi City officials issued a notice on the 27th, stating that from 0:00 on October 28 to 24:00 on November 3, Jiamusi City will enter a 7-day emergency management and control state, and various management and control measures will be strictly implemented.

The notice puts forward 15 requirements, including the city’s passenger stations, railway stations, and airports to meet the arrival (return) of the best personnel, strictly implement measures such as temperature measurement, code verification, and inspection of the nucleic acid test reports of personnel in the epidemic-affected area. Implement closed-loop control.

Those who have arrived (returned) from the affected areas must hold a 48-hour negative nucleic acid test report. Those without a test report are allowed to move freely until the results are released. At the same time, centralized quarantine, home quarantine and other control measures are implemented.

A staff member of a pharmacy in Xiangyang District, Jiamusi City told reporters on the afternoon of the 28th that all cold, fever, cough, heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs will not be sold.

“If you have symptoms of colds and fevers, you have to go to the hospital to see them.” The staff said, read the notice when the sales ban will be lifted.

Because the CCP has consistently covered up the epidemic, the official officials’ statistics are generally questioned.

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