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EPM schedules interruption schedules for the aqueduct service

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EPM schedules interruption schedules for the aqueduct service

One of the impacts of the El Niño phenomenon has been the significant reduction of flows in the minor sources that supply the aqueduct service in different areas of the Aburrá Valley.

It is not a minor problem. The La Iguaná stream, for example, has decreased its flow by 63% in recent days, due to the lack of rain and high temperatures.

For this reason, since last weekend, interruptions to the aqueduct service have increased in several sectors of western Medellín, since the demand for water in the territory is higher than the flows that are entering the San Cristóbal water treatment plant.

Considering that the weather conditions will continue during the coming weeks, EPM implemented a scheme to interrupt the aqueduct service in the following sectors and times for 24 thousand users, a figure that corresponds to only 1.7% of the total users of the aqueduct system. that EPM operates:

Getting out of the crisis will only be possible with moderate consumption by users. It is very likely that during the first days a stabilization phase will be required to adjust the interruption scheme.

With this measure, EPM seeks to ensure that the citizens of Medellín can know in advance the schedule of the interruptions that correspond to them and minimize the impacts that these may generate.

Some recommendations for responsible water consumption

✓ Take short showers and turn off the faucet while soaping. Also close it when brushing teeth, shaving, washing dishes or clothes.

✓ Reuse the water from the last rinse of the washing machine to clean floors and platforms. The water with which you wash the vegetables can be used to water the plants.

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✓ Use the washing machine with full loads.

✓ Avoid frequently washing private vehicles and try to reduce the amount of water required.

✓ If the bath is with hot water, you can collect the cold water that comes out at the beginning. It is clean water that is used for other tasks.

✓ Use a glass to brush your teeth.

✓ Defrost food ahead of time, thus avoiding using a stream of water.

The importance of responsible use of drinking water is reiterated, since with lower consumption the system will be able to provide the service more effectively.

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