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Essener does not want to leave the burning apartment – Ruhr area – news

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Essener does not want to leave the burning apartment – Ruhr area – news

“It was not an everyday operation”, says Christoph Risse from the Essen fire brigade. The man had completely refused to be rescued from his burning apartment. He fled from the flames to his balcony – but he didn’t want to go any further. Why is still unclear.

“One does not know why, but some people react irrationally in such situations”, so cracks further. Some people run back into the apartment to fight the flames themselves, others jump out of the window even though the turntable ladder is right in front of it – decisive action is required. The fire brigade therefore prepares for such situations with simulation games.

Man disappears in the smoke

But they didn’t know a situation like the weekend in Essen-Altenessen: a person in mortal danger who doesn’t want help. First, the emergency services try to save the man with a turntable ladder from his balcony on the second floor.

But although there is already a lot of smoke from the fire on the balcony, the tenant does not want to climb the ladder. “No, no, no I don’t want to. I’ll stay up here,” he calls loudly to the fire brigade. Then he disappears again in the smoke.

Fear of jumping deep

In order not to put themselves in danger, the emergency services leave the man on his balcony and try to keep the smoke away from him with a spray jet. In addition, the emergency services are preparing a safety cushion. They fear that the man from Essen could jump off the balcony.

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Neighbors observe rescue attempts

“It took half an hour until it was down”reports a woman from the neighboring house. “The amount of smoke was enormous, especially where the source of the fire was. The fire brigade could not have done anything without respiratory protection‘ observed another neighbor.

Police take man out

Only after the extinguishing work has been completed will the man be escorted outside through his apartment by the police. He was taken to the hospital with suspected smoke inhalation. All other residents had evacuated the building before the fire department arrived.

We will report on this topic on March 20, 2023 WDR2 in the Rhein/Ruhr local time and at 7:30 p.m WDR-TV

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