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Establishing a culture of honesty and integrity and fostering integrity_China Jiangsu Net

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The Wuyi Community Party Committee and Chunhui Community Party Committee of Wenfeng Street, Chongchuan District, have come together to launch a new initiative aimed at promoting integrity and clean government in the community.

The two committees jointly organized the opening of the Qinhan Hutong Chinese Studies Museum, where a calligraphy and painting activity with the theme of “Enhancing the Culture of Integrity and Cultivating Clean Wind and Uprightness” took place on December 8.

The event saw participants drawing lotus flowers on scrolls, symbolizing the love of integrity. Under the guidance of a teacher, everyone sketched the patterns stroke by stroke, carefully selecting colors to create noble lotus flowers on paper. The event aimed to communicate about the color combination of lotus flowers, feel the transition of the word “Integrity”, and encourage the “blooming” of the integrity wind in writing.

The use of lotus to represent integrity and promote integrity through art is an innovative way to integrate integrity education into paintings. The hope is that through this event, more party members will establish an awareness of respecting and protecting integrity, helping to create a positive and harmonious atmosphere of advocating, practicing, and cleanliness.

China Jiangsu Net News aims to strengthen the construction of party style and clean government in the community, promote a culture of integrity, and create a good atmosphere of cleanliness and integrity in the area. This initiative represents a step in that direction, as the community works together to promote and cultivate a culture of integrity and cleanliness.

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