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Esteños businessmen demand emergency measures in the face of wave of insecurity

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Esteños businessmen demand emergency measures in the face of wave of insecurity

In notes sent to various organizations, some businessmen analyze closing their businesses in the face of unsustainable insecurity.

The Chamber of Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce, the MSMEs forum, distributors and delivery people demand that the national authorities immediately intervene by the military forces for at least 90 days. They have reported that a supermarket was robbed twice in 30 days and the owner is now thinking about closing. They are willing to make donations and invest in technology to prevent marginalized people from continuing to commit crimes and create anxiety in the population. They have issued statements demanding an immediate response.

The day before they sent notes to the Ministry of the Interior, the Departmental Board and the Municipal Board of Ciudad del Este, all in the same vein. They are desperate due to the wave of insecurity and, in the face of complete police inaction, they demand that a security emergency be declared and a working group be immediately called to look for practical, viable solutions that can be immediately implemented. According to local businessmen, the merchant Rigoberto Chamorro, after opening two branches of his supermarket chain (Pastas del Este), suffered two assaults in less than 30 days. In the first assault, the criminals took 65 million guaraníes, and in another robbery they stole 27 million guaraníes. Now, desperate and without a response from the security authorities, the businessman is thinking of closing one of the branches and liquidating his products to pay his employees. Meanwhile, from the company “Lactolanda” they expressed their concern that, in a recent assault on a delivery truck, the thieves found a small safe that has a single hole where the delivery people place all the collection, and the security key only It is located in the central house. The criminals beat the driver of the delivery truck until he was unconscious, thinking that he had the key and the security key to open the safe. From Lactolanda they expressed their fear that extreme violence could cause the death of the employee.

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Business associations and Mypymes demand the complete inaction of the Police, since, although criminals are sometimes identified and in some cases arrested, nothing is ever recovered. The damage has already been done and there is no turning back. During a meeting between representatives of business and commercial sectors, as well as Mypymes, it was determined that they are willing to make investments and donations to install a virtual network with artificial intelligence (AI) connected to CCTV cameras, and that there is integrated control over through a private security company together with the National Police, due to the lack of credibility towards the police forces. They assure that for the system to work, the AI ​​must interact with the database of the National Police, Interpol and the Tripartite Command; Otherwise, it will be of no use.

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