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European country Finland became the 31st member of NATO

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European country Finland became the 31st member of NATO

European country Finland has condemned Russia for becoming a member of NATO’s security alliance.
Web Desk: According to a foreign news agency, after Finland officially joined NATO, a ceremony was held to raise the Finnish flag outside the NATO headquarters, in which the foreign ministers of other member states, including the US Secretary of State Antony Blanken, participated. .
Finland’s foreign minister hands the instrument of accession to the US secretary of state, who declares Finland a member, after which the white and blue flag of Finland joins a circle of 30 other flags in a blazing sun in front of NATO’s new headquarters. went.
With Finland’s accession, more than 1,300 kilometers of territory adjacent to Russia in the northeast have come under the jurisdiction of the Western military alliance. Previously, he had repeatedly opposed the expansion of NATO.
Finland’s President Sauli Niinisto announced a new era for his country, saying that this is a great day for Finland, Finland will be a reliable ally and its membership will not be a threat to anyone.
Security and stability are elements that we feel very strongly about, if people can live in safe and stable conditions, it is the basic element of a happy life. will become stronger.
On the other hand, strongly condemning the formal joining of Finland in the NATO alliance, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said that by joining the NATO alliance, Finland has ended the freedom that gives itself a unique recognition internationally.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said that now Finland has become a small member of NATO, which will not have even the slightest power to influence any decision of NATO.
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the NATO expansion a violation of its security and national interests, warning that Russia is closely monitoring all developments in Finland.

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