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Euthanasia: New group in the Bundestag is working on regulations

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Euthanasia: New group in the Bundestag is working on regulations

Berlin (epd). In the debate about regulating suicide assistance, there is another group in the Bundestag that is working on a regulation. Together with other MPs, he is working on a new cross-party bill from the middle of parliament, said Green politician Armin Grau to the Evangelical Press Service (epd), thereby confirming a report by the “Tagesspiegel” (online). Three groups are working on a new legislative proposal.

He wanted to present a regulation “that does justice to the right to self-determined death and at the same time includes an appropriate protection concept for those wishing to commit suicide,” Grau added, but did not give any further details. There has been a struggle for legal regulation since the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in 2020 that the right to self-determined death also includes the right to take one’s own life and to seek the help of third parties. This overturned a blanket ban on organized suicide assistance, in which a fatal drug is given to a person wishing to die but is not administered.

Last year, two requests from cross-party groups for clear regulation of this form of euthanasia were rejected. Grau said that currently suicide assistance is essentially only carried out with the help of commercial euthanasia associations, without there being any legal requirements for assessing the free responsibility and self-determination of the desire to commit suicide. “I consider this current practice to be unsatisfactory and a timely regulation is necessary,” said the qualified neurologist.

Grau said his group’s legislative initiative is “already well advanced.” Discussions are ongoing with representatives from all democratic factions, associations and individuals and we want to “conclude them in any case during this legislative period, ideally this year”. The MPs Lars Castellucci (SPD) and Katrin Helling-Plahr (FDP), who were among the initiators of last year’s failed proposals and who announced a new attempt in October, also expressed their wish in the “Tagesspiegel” to pass this election period to come to a regulation.

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