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Everyday helper for outdoor activities: kitchen box!

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Everyday helper for outdoor activities: kitchen box!

There are numerous situations in which you will need to exercise outside and ultimately feed yourself. You can train this in advance of any crisis, but above all you should be well equipped just in case the worst comes to the worst. This also includes the right utensils – for example a so-called kitchen box or chuck box. We want to bring you closer to the kitchen box.

Chuck Box: Store

Such a kitchen box is a portable storage cupboard for everything you need outside. All equipment that you want to use for sensible kitchen planning is stored in such a box. The Chuck Box is what the kitchen cabinets are in your kitchen.

In detail: You can build such kitchen boxes yourself or buy them. They are usually made of wood, although you can also use plastic. The boxes have drawers or should at least have drawers for different uses.

To make it easier for you to set up the kitchen box, some manufacturers recommend legs. You must be able to fold or unscrew these. We don’t think these cabinet legs are absolutely necessary. They increase the transport weight and prevent you from having to bend down too much. The additional effort is too high for this saving.

Another technical feature is more interesting: the kitchen box should have a lid that you can open forward. Then this lid can also be used as a shelf.

What belongs in your box?

You can store various things in your kitchen box. These are classic:

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Outdoor tableware, which should be as light as possible. In addition, it should not take up too much space in the kitchen box. We particularly recommend bowls or deeper plates, as these are also suitable for soups and stews.
Cutlery: Here we recommend the simplest variants, for example in the form of a Swiss folding knife. The most important thing is that it is a sharp knife. There are also numerous variants of 2- or 3-in-1 cutlery – here a fork, spoon and possibly even a knife are combined in one tool. In an emergency, you can eat with your hands, but whether you want to do so is entirely up to you. One Pfanne or one Pot, which you can use to prepare meals. If you want to integrate different sizes into your kitchen box, make sure that you can store them inside each other. This saves you valuable space. A Water container – this should be indispensable. There are a variety of bottles, canisters and the like – we recommend a foldable water canister. This will also save space when the contents are empty. Other materials that you know from your kitchen: such as tea towels or leather gloves, other spoons (mixing spoons) or bowls. A can opener could also be part of this list. Be careful not to increase the weight too much. If necessary, you can even store spices and some herbs in your kitchen box. This way, even in difficult times, you will be able to give your food that little something extra.

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