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Eviction, the harsh reality for the families of Miralindo

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Eviction, the harsh reality for the families of Miralindo

“There is no deadline that is not met, nor debt that is not paid” they say popularly, and this is what happened to the more than 200 families that inhabited the Miralindo estate.

Yesterday around 6 am, units of the national police, the national army and the Esmad, were present in said sector of the municipality of La Virginia to make the eviction order effective.

Let us remember that these families were expressing their non-conformity last Monday, with the blockade of the Pereira – La Virginia road, and within the list of petitions they requested to be heard by the mayor of the municipality, Mr. Jesús Villada or by the governor Víctor Manuel Tamayo, However, the officials were not present in the sector, this problem has been occurring since last year and the order was eviction, since these lands belong to the department and are stipulated for various ongoing projects, including the ” kite park.

With tanks, backhoes, and manpower, officials from the Risaralda government “brought down” the “ranches,” “the huts,” the homes that these people had built with great effort for several months, the desperation of the some people even fainted, seeing that their “little house” was going downhill.

Thus, all these families will have to look for another place to live, where to start again, hoping that the government entities do not abandon them, that they provide them with a shelter with decent conditions, as stated by the secretary of the municipal ombudsman from La Virginia, if possible.

This said!

According to Israel Londoño, departmental government secretary, the vast majority of these families have homes in La Virginia and Caimalito, for this reason they do not consider it necessary to provide them with shelter, with the exception of an elderly couple from the city of Ibagué who have nowhere to go. go and they don’t have a family to watch over them either.

This medium tried to communicate with Dayana Padilla, the police inspector of the municipality of La Virginia, so that she could give us her version of these events, but it was not possible.

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