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Ex Ilva, the green pass case is back: from Monday no cig for those who do not have it

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The case on the green pass returns to the former Ilva di Taranto, now Acciaierie d’Italia. From 11 October, as the metalworking unions Fim Cisl, Fiom Cgil and Uilm had feared, no employee without a green pass will have the factory entry badge deactivated and consequently placed in ordinary layoffs. Faced with the protest of the trade unions, who had requested the intervention of the Prefecture and announced a sit-in on the morning of 11 October in front of the Prefecture itself, the company has officially clarified that “the news circulated about it is false and groundless. the alleged prohibition of the performance of the service starting from Monday 11 October by workers who do not hold the green pass. The date of entry into force of the prescription is, as is known, October 15 and as such it will be applied ».

Before Acciaierie d’Italia clarified the matter, the three metalworking acronyms had argued that “disregarding the provisions of the legislative decree and the internal procedure”, the company sent a communication to workers without a green pass, arranging, starting from next Monday 11 October ’21, the deactivation of the badge and the placement in ordinary redundancy fund ». “We consider it unacceptable – said the unions – the attitude of Acciaierie d’Italia which once again shows the worst face and above all the failure to apply the provisions of the current legislative decree 127/2021”. It is “a unilateral and incomprehensible act” added Fim, Fiom and Uilm.

But the case, as mentioned, soon returned with the clarification of the company. «The redundancy fund for those without a green pass is not our invention – explains to Sole 24 Ore Vincenzo La Neve of the Fim Cisl -. It really happened that on Friday evening the plant managers called some workers saying that, having not presented the green pass, they would not have entered the factory from the following Monday and ended up in layoffs. These same workers were then contacted by the company in the late morning of Saturday and they were told to be regularly present on Monday 11th ».

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La Neve adds that out of a staff of 8,200 employees in the Taranto steel industry, the green passes collected by the company in these days are already between 5,000 and 5,500 and yesterday, after the alarm on the redundancy fund, “other workers hastened to send the green pass to the company. I believe that from 15 the former Ilva will not have major problems in the departments. However, on 11 October at 2 pm we meet the company to take stock of the situation right on the green pass ».

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