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Ex Mondial di Villorba: potential investors in the area

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Ex Mondial di Villorba: potential investors in the area

After having released, at the beginning of the year, a long dispute concerning the collection of the old surety policies, a concrete opening opens up on the story of the former Mondial.

The large concrete sarcophagus that peeks out along the Pontebbana in Lancenigo, north of the junction with via Marconi, represents one of the symbols of urban decay in the municipality.

The area of ​​36 thousand square meters is the subject of a Piruea (Integrated Urban, Building and Environmental Redevelopment Program) which envisages, in the second variant approved in 2020, an intervention of 83 thousand cubic meters. A large commercial area of ​​10,000 square meters and a 40-meter high management tower with offices and services.

At the beginning of 2021, the Region decided to submit this transformation to the Vas procedure (Strategic Environmental Assessment), reporting numerous critical issues, from the impact of the new tower on air safety, to water management given the tangent presence of the Piavesella, from the impact on traffic to land analysis.

The Soligo council in recent weeks has adopted the environmental report, with the aim of completing the Vas. The project, developed by the Casetta & Partners studio in Oderzo, was commissioned by the Mondial bankruptcy trustee, the accountant Roberto Cortellazzo Wiel, who aims with this operation to make the land abandoned for over ten years attractive on the real estate and large-scale distribution market.

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