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Expansion and reconstruction work began on 30th Street

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Expansion and reconstruction work began on 30th Street

The district administration began the expansion and reconstruction of three new sections of this important road, which range from Campo Serrano Avenue to Carrera 9; since the race 13 to 17.

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“The transformation of Calle 30 will benefit more than 150 thousand samaria residents in sectors such as Manzanares, Corea, Martinete, María Eugenia, El Pando, May Day, Pastrana, La Lucha, Las Américas, January 20, among others, who will have a wider avenue that will represent a decrease in their travel times, a decrease in the accident rate, reduction of gas emissions and polluting particlesreduction of operating costs, among other advantages,” said Mayor Virna Johnson.

Mayor Virna Johnson spoke with the community about the reconstruction work

The project contemplates the construction of 1.2 km of expanded pavement two carriageways and will build the largest cycle route network in the citya new storm sewer network which will mitigate the flooding that occurs in the sector of Las Américas, Martinete, Corea and surrounding areas; added to the construction of more than 26,000 m2 of public space suitable for people with reduced mobility, with cobblestones and tactile guide and alert tiles for people with visual disabilities, in addition to the location of the new electrical networks and installation of public lighting.

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With the work to expand Calle 30, which has been led by past administrations in coordination with the Strategic Public Transport System de Santa Marta have contributed to the transformation of the District with the execution of more than 20 important infrastructure works that have allowed Santa Marta to be positioned as a modern and inclusive city.

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The image denotes how 30th Street would look when the reconstruction and remodeling work is delivered.

It should be noted that, in June 2022, Mayor Virna Johnson delivered two stretches of 30th street expanded and rebuiltwhich range from race 9 to race 12 and from race 17A to 20A, respectively, which contribute to the improvement of mobility in these sectors.

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