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Expert analysis of pulmonary nodules after taking Kexing vaccine | Public anxiety | Expert interpretation

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Expert analysis of pulmonary nodules after taking Kexing vaccine | Public anxiety | Expert interpretation

[Epoch Times, September 25, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Luo Ya interviewed and reported) A few days ago, the Internet rumors that “pulmonary nodules appeared after the Kexing new crown vaccine” hit the hot search, causing people to be uneasy. The official media issued a document to refute the rumor, saying that the inactivated vaccine is not associated with the risk of pulmonary nodules. Overseas experts analyzed the problems and hidden dangers of the domestically produced Sinovac inactivated vaccine, saying that it is irresponsible to refute rumors without any investigation.

The online platform “Wei Baixing Talks About Medical Reform” published an article on September 22, “Kexing is hotly searched in the middle of the night, and related topics have reached over 100 million views”. pulmonary nodules”.

The article refers to recent posts on Weibo in mainland China complaining of pulmonary nodules after receiving the Kexing vaccine, and the hashtags are “#科兴pulmonary nodules#” or “# Beijing Kexingpulmonary nodules#”.

A netizen in the article said, “I saw a lot of people get lung nodules after taking the (vaccine) physical examination. So did a good friend of mine. I didn’t dare to have a physical examination at all, but I often coughed before falling asleep at night.”

Some netizens said: “I have been entangled for a long time, why did I suddenly have pulmonary nodules in this year’s physical examination? Is this the original reason?”, “No wonder 5 of the 7 people in our office have pulmonary nodules”, “Although I don’t want to cause public opinion. , but several friends around me have either urticaria or pulmonary nodules in the past two or three months, and the two women who checked for pulmonary nodules were not smokers.”

The above topics have attracted attention again, and the hot search on the entire Internet has exceeded 20 million in more than two hours, but it has been blocked. However, keywords related to “Beijing Kexing”, “Kexing Vaccine“, “Kexing Vaccine Report”, and “Kexing Vaccine Pulmonary Nodules” have exceeded tens of millions of hot searches, with a total of over 100 million.

Sinovac vaccine is an inactivated vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech, and it is one of the earliest new crown vaccines in China.

In response to the hot topic of “pulmonary nodules appear after Kexing’s new crown vaccine“, Lin Xiaoxu, a former virology researcher at the U.S. Army Research Institute, told The Epoch Times reporter on the 25th that when Kexing decided to make an inactivated vaccine in 2020, he once raise this concern.

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He said that domestic inactivated vaccines are not completely inactivated. In the international community, why do many countries and many pharmaceutical companies do not take the road of inactivated vaccines? Because they know that the virus has just come out, they have not yet fully understood how harmful it is. So if you want to make an inactivated vaccine, you must first reach a very high amount of virus, and then inactivate it, and then you can produce a large amount of vaccine. This has high requirements on facilities and other aspects, and the process requirements are also very strict, so that it can be completely inactivated.

“I’m worried that if some Kexing vaccines are not completely inactivated, and a small amount of active virus remains in them, then the process of vaccinating is equivalent to injecting a small amount of virus into some people. Many people’s bodies are Resistance can withstand a small amount of virus, but there will always be some people who will be hurt to some extent.”

“In the normal infection of the new coronavirus, in fact, nearly 3%-20% of people will develop pulmonary nodules (small nodules under 3 cm) after infection, which will appear in the infection of the new coronavirus. “

“If some people who have been vaccinated are infected with a small amount of inactivated virus and this happens, they will find that they have pulmonary nodules when they go to the physical examination, and they will see this effect on CT. Because you I don’t know why, but in fact you may have been infected with this small amount of the new coronavirus. The possibility is very high.”

“Now that I see so many people from mainland China reporting this problem, I’m still worried about this. I think many inactivated vaccines are not completely inactivated.”

On April 10, 2021, Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control, admitted at the “2021 National Vaccine and Health Conference” held in Chengdu, Sichuan, that the protection rate of domestic vaccines is not high, and the authorities are considering mixing vaccines produced using different technologies. Later, Gao Fu denied this.

In July this year, Gao Fu was officially dismissed.

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The official media has been criticized for being irresponsible by using experts to refute rumors

“Lung nodules appeared after Kexing’s new crown vaccine” caused public anxiety. The official media “Economic Daily” issued an article on the 24th to refute the rumors, saying that inactivated vaccines are not related to the risk of pulmonary nodules, and don’t let rumors interfere with the overall situation of the epidemic. The report also said that many experts have refuted the rumor and said that from the perspective of immunity, inactivated vaccines are not associated with the risk of pulmonary nodules.

Lin Xiaoxu said that this is a very irresponsible attitude. Because do these experts do further research on people who already have lung nodules? Do they have specific data out?

He said that in 2020, the CCP will accelerate the promotion of domestic vaccines and accelerate the expansion of production scale. But can we strictly control the process and achieve 100% inactivation? This is a big challenge. If the control is not strict, some people will be infected by a small amount of virus because of the vaccination, and some people with relatively weak physique will of course develop lung nodules. And more than one billion people in the country have been vaccinated, even if there is a one in ten thousand probability, how many people will have this risk?

He said that the Chinese government has never fully released information on the side effects of the domestic vaccine itself. This in itself is another big problem.

Lin Xiaoxu pointed out that the CCP requires the public to be vaccinated, and the vaccine contains a small amount of virus, which will definitely cause some people to suffer, so the government should conduct a thorough investigation, or Kexing should conduct a thorough inspection. It is not that a few experts came out to refute rumors without any specific investigation and without data support. This is irresponsible, and it is just to wash the ground.

Mr. Wu, a white-collar worker who graduated from Peking University, told The Epoch Times that relevant departments should conduct independent investigations and evaluations on the allegations of these netizens. If it is indeed related to vaccines, the victims should be rescued and compensated, and relevant vaccines should be taken off the shelves if necessary. , this is a responsible attitude, rather than letting the royal experts come out to refute rumors as soon as there is an accusation.

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Mr. Wu said that it is a pity that under the opaque totalitarian system of the CCP, it is almost impossible to carry out such investigations, and adverse reactions caused by the new crown vaccine are almost a forbidden area in the mainland, because it is related to the “political correctness” of the safety of domestic vaccines. The problem, the authorities will inevitably cover up.

Victim: The official is the biggest rumormonger

Zhang Hai, a victim of the Wuhan epidemic, said in an interview on the 25th that he had seen a lot of news on the Internet about pulmonary nodules caused by domestic vaccines.

He questioned, if the vaccine is effective, why don’t the provincial governor and mayor take the lead in administering the vaccine in person on a live TV broadcast? The government used various means to force the people to fight. If the vaccine is good, do people need to be forced to take it?

He said that so many victims have come out to prove that the domestic epidemic has suffered great damage by the damage they have suffered. But the government has the right to speak, the media, and the channels to speak out. It can ban accounts, and then say that the people are spreading rumors. “I think they are the ones who spread rumors the most. First, the CCP’s government agencies have no credibility, and second, ordinary people don’t believe them at all.”

It has been widely rumored that vaccinations such as Sinovac lead to diabetes and leukemia. In May of this year, an open letter from leukemia patients from more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions circulated on the mainland Internet, alleging that they suffered from the disease after receiving the new crown vaccine. At that time, thousands of cases were counted. The vaccines vaccinated are mainly Sinovac, and the rest include Beijing Bio.

In July of this year, “Wei Baixing Talks About Medical Reform” also published an open letter “More than 1,000 children collectively have type 1 diabetes, parents cry and ask for help!” With type 1 diabetes, children have to inject insulin for life and suffer physically and mentally.

Responsible editor: Fang Xiao

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