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Expert: Tianjin closed city and Beijing Winter Olympics have a high chance of outbreak | Winter Olympics | Nucleic acid testing

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[Epoch Times, January 13, 2022]Tianjin implemented a “soft city closure” to prevent the spread of the epidemic to Beijing, where the Winter Olympics will be held. Former Taiwan health director Tu Xingzhe analyzed that the outbreak in Tianjin Omicron may be more serious than what the authorities have reported, even in winter Austria adopts closed-loop management, and it is very likely that the epidemic will break out.

The local epidemic in Tianjin caused by the new coronavirus variant Omicron continued to expand and spread to other provinces. Tianjin decided to postpone the convening of the “two sessions”, and the city’s schools had winter vacation ahead of schedule. According to the official notification on January 13, Tianjin added 41 new confirmed cases of the new coronavirus on the 12th, including 40 in Jinnan District. (Note: The CCP has always concealed the truth of the epidemic, so the real epidemic data is yet to be verified.)

According to the Voice of America report, Tu Xingzhe, former director of Taiwan’s health and chairman of the consortium’s biotechnology development center, said in an interview that China has the most stringent epidemic prevention measures in the world, but it sacrifices human rights and the economy, because compared with developed countries Attaches great importance to freedom and human rights, and “there are no such well-behaved people”.

However, regarding the Tianjin epidemic, Tu Xingzhe believes that because the asymptomatic proportion of patients infected with the Omikron virus can be as high as 60%, there may be as many as several hundred confirmed cases in Tianjin. He said that based on an average of 5-8 people infected by the Omicron virus per generation, the Tianjin epidemic that has been infected for three generations may have as many as 100-500 confirmed cases, which will be much higher than the current 40 confirmed cases.

Tu Xingzhe also said that although the Chinese people have generally taken the Kexing vaccine, it is generally believed that the overall protection of the Kexing vaccine against the new crown virus is not high, only about 50%. The strength has yet to be proved by experiments. In addition, after the vaccine has been administered for more than 5 months, it is actually no longer resistant to the Omikron virus. Therefore, he is worried that given the high infection rate of the Omikron virus, it will be difficult for China to do so. to clear.

It is difficult to prevent the epidemic in the Beijing Winter Olympics

He believes that there are too many asymptomatic people infected with the Omicron virus, and if the screening fails or there are too many false negatives during the screening, it will be more difficult to prevent the hidden transmission of the virus.

Under this premise, Tu Xingzhe said that the possibility of the Beijing Winter Olympics being affected is very high. Even if the Winter Olympics will adopt “closed-loop management”, food and other materials will still have to be transported into the venues from the outside. In this way, as long as there is an asymptomatic person who slips through the net, there is a high possibility of a breach or an outbreak of an epidemic in the Winter Olympics venues. high.

Tu Xingzhe said: “To be completely cleared, there are only two (situations), one is to pretend that there is no (epidemic), that is, to lie (to hide), and the other is to be very strict, so strict that it should not be held at all, otherwise, once it is held, it will be It’s very difficult to be completely free of (the epidemic).”

He said that there were only a few dozen cases in Tianjin, but the city has already entered a soft lockdown, and nucleic acid testing has been carried out on tens of millions of people in the city. This disproportionate prevention and control has created a negative impression of the seriousness of the epidemic.

Su Ziyun, director of Taiwan’s National Defense Strategy and Resources Research Institute, also told The Epoch Times that whether or not to host the Winter Olympics is not just a dilemma for Beijing. The risks are very high, especially the physical contact of athletes during competition has caused a very high infection rate, such as judo, taekwondo and other sports, it is difficult to avoid contact or control.

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