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Experts on the deterioration of the epidemic in Dalian, China: Blindly clear zero and pay a higher price | CCP virus | Nucleic acid testing | Zhuanghe University Town

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Beijing time:2021-11-18 04:59

[NTD News November 18, 2021 Beijing time]The epidemic in Dalian continues to heat up, and the epidemic in Zhuanghe City has spread on campuses. The city has been closed and the ninth round of nucleic acid testing has been carried out. Experts say that the Chinese Communist Party will only pay a higher price if it blindly implements the zero-clearing policy.

The epidemic in Dalian has worsened and Zhuanghe City has become the hardest hit area. Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Zhuanghe City on November 4, even though Zhuanghe University City has implemented a comprehensive ban, students have undergone a nucleic acid test every day. However, officials reported on the 15th that more than 60 students have been diagnosed in Zhuanghe University City.

Most students in the University City live in isolation, and all teachers and students in close contact are transferred to the hotel for centralized isolation under the coordination of the government; all teaching activities are suspended.

On the 14th, Zhao Lian, deputy director of the Dalian Municipal Health Commission, stated that the epidemic has a high viral load, rapid spread, hidden illness, and difficult to detect. There were more asymptomatic infections in the early stage, showing unit clusters and family clusters. Characteristics such as sex and school clustering.

The authorities ordered the closure of Zhuanghe City on the 12th. 400,000 households and 800,000 people in the city were isolated from their homes for 14 days, and all houses in the city were sealed with seals.

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The official media of the Communist Party of China reported that from November 17 to 18, Dalian will conduct the fourth round of nucleic acid sampling for all the population in the city. Those who fail to conduct nucleic acid testing as required will be given a “yellow code.”

Tang Jingyuan, a current affairs commentator in the United States with a medical background, told The Epoch Times on the 16th that the characteristics of the Chinese Communist Party virus (COVID-19) are different from those of any previous virus that has caused an epidemic.

He said that the Delta + variant virus is currently considered to have three major characteristics: stronger infectivity, stronger binding to lung cell receptors, and stronger escape ability for antibodies.

Tang Jingyuan pointed out that according to the characteristics of the Delta+ virus itself, the whole staff test provides a good opportunity for the spread of the virus. “The accuracy rate of nucleic acid testing is getting lower and lower. Nucleic acid testing actually increases the risk of virus transmission.”

Dr. Lin Xiaoxu, an American virology expert and former director of the Department of Virology at the US Army Research Institute, pointed out that full-staff testing is an administrative method, but just to find an excuse for implementing the health code; the so-called “spatial-time companion” big data tracking is even more absurd. In fact, it is just an excuse to control the society.

(Reported by reporter Liu Minghuan/Editor in charge: Wenhui)

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