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Explosion in Essen residential building: Lifeless person found in rubble – Ruhr area – News

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Explosion in Essen residential building: Lifeless person found in rubble – Ruhr area – News

The explosion in a residential building in Essen has claimed one life. On Sunday evening, the police found a lifeless person in the rubble. She was initially unidentifiable. An autopsy will now clarify whether the victim was the missing resident of the ground floor apartment.

Jump out the window

The picture that the emergency services saw after the explosion on Saturday evening was devastating: “The street is like a field of rubble, everything is full of rubble and broken glass,” said a fire department spokesman that night. To save herself from the flames, a young woman jumped out of the second floor window. When the emergency services arrived on Saturday evening, she was lying on the street with life-threatening injuries. The house was on fire, according to the fire department.

The woman was taken to a burn center in Bochum. Three other residents of the house were looked after on site by the emergency services, two of whom were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

“You can’t survive”

According to police, a total of five people were reported to be in the house. According to the fire department, the resident of the apartment that exploded was still missing in the afternoon. The police tried to locate the man in other places – but could not find him. For a long time, the rescue workers were unable to look for him in the house itself: the three-story house was so badly damaged that the fire department could not enter it.

It cannot therefore be ruled out that there are other people in the house who may be buried under the rubble. “You cannot survive the violence that took place here,” said the fire department spokesman early on Sunday morning.

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Searches with sniffer dogs and probes were unsuccessful

After almost twelve hours, the fire brigade and police had to temporarily stop the search for the missing man on Sunday afternoon. The emergency services searched the knee-high rubble using probes and sniffer dogs, among other things – without success. “We have exhausted all technical possibilities,” said a fire department spokesman.

However, after a structural engineer released the building to the police under the greatest precautions, they actually found a lifeless person.

Follow-up extinguishing work until Sunday afternoon

The extinguishing work continued until Sunday afternoon and the fire has now been extinguished. The fire department had to use a crane to cover large parts of the roof to get to the last glowing areas.

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