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Expocamello returns to Pereira this July

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Expocamello returns to Pereira this July

Expocamello will also attract tourists looking to invest in the Risralda company.

On July 19, 20 and 21, the 20th version of the Expocamello entrepreneurship platform will take place, created by the Pereira Chamber of Commerce, with the purpose of training entrepreneurs and promoting the regional economy through other ways of generate business and employment. Since its creation, around 2,500 entrepreneurs have been part of this fair, which will also feature the Business Congress, in its fourth edition.

This year the emphasis of the fair will be concentrated on the digital sphere, which has helped diversify the way of negotiating and receiving income in recent years, counting on the experiences of entrepreneurs who have created startups or companies that, thanks to their model business that adopts new technologies, has great growth potential.

There will be around 150 entrepreneurs, who can apply through the call of the Chamber of Commerce, which runs until April 25: “It is a fair that every year encourages entrepreneurship and supports entrepreneurs. Today we are one of the cities that generates the most, in percentage terms, new companies in the country; We have reduced informality and that is part of all the programs and projects we have around entrepreneurship and the fair is the most important project that we develop in the year to promote entrepreneurship,” said Jorge Iván Ramírez, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Pereira.

Jorge Iván Ramírez, president of the Pereira Chamber of Commerce.

Expocamello University

Another of the phases that the fair has to instruct the entrepreneurs who will be part of this experience is the Expocamello University, which will begin this coming May 7, “we are going for eight weeks to a training process for those 500 entrepreneurs who will be they register. We are going to make a filter, especially with an emphasis on technology-based companies and ventures that have the potential to achieve investment,” indicated the president.

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Business Congress

Along with the fair, there will be the academic agenda of the fourth version of the Business Congress, which this year will bring six speakers of national stature who will talk about different economic topics such as marketing, business creation, use of technology as an important tool. to strengthen the business fabric of Pereira, among others.

How to be part of Expocamello with your entrepreneurship?

According to the president, you must enter the page of the Pereira Chamber of Commerce, register, where you can send all the information and subsequently the Chamber holds an evaluation committee. In addition, they will participate in the presentation of their venture and from there those who will be part of the fair will be selected.

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