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Expose “Han Zheng is not upright”, scholars talk about the inside story of the privileges enjoyed by high-ranking officials in Shanghai | Shanghai closed the city | Qiu Jiajun |

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Expose “Han Zheng is not upright”, scholars talk about the inside story of the privileges enjoyed by high-ranking officials in Shanghai | Shanghai closed the city | Qiu Jiajun |

[Epoch Times, June 11, 2022](Reported by Epoch Times reporters Ning Haizhong and Yi Ru) The Epoch Times recently reported that the closure of Shanghai’s city to prevent the spread of the epidemic caused public grievances. The dry zone has never been closed. Some mainland scholars who have lived in Shanghai for more than 16 years disclosed more insider privileges, and pointed out that “Han Zheng is wrong” is circulating in Shanghai.

The CCP’s grid management accurately guarantees the privileges of the privileged class

Shanghai resident Liu Qing (pseudonym) revealed to The Epoch Times on June 6 that the Gaogan District on Kangping Road in Shanghai has never been blocked. The veteran cadre once promoted Han Zheng.

Qiu Jiajun, a former associate professor of Tongji University in Shanghai who lived in the United States, told The Epoch Times on June 10 that the epidemic prevention privileges of the powerful are not only in Shanghai but all over the country. more opportunities to enjoy those privileges.

Qiu Jiajun said that during the epidemic, the CCP government relied on grid management to provide special treatment to distinguish such privileged persons. This set of things was implemented by Han Zheng in Shanghai in the early years.

Grid management is a strict stability maintenance system implemented by the CCP in the whole society in the past two decades. The authorities claim that it is an innovative social governance model to improve service levels. Baidu information introduction: Grid management uses a unified urban management and digital platform to divide urban management areas into unit grids according to certain standards. One of its important functions is to facilitate the authorities to grasp the so-called unstable factors in a timely manner, and to “prevent, control, supervise and manage key groups of people and major emergencies that are related to the overall situation.”

Qiu Jiajun said that the grid management is of course to maintain stability. For example, there is the part of suppressing Falun Gong, but there is also the part of service, including ensuring that privileged people enjoy privileges.

Qiu Jiajun said that some grid administrators have official names, while others use other names to cover them up. “Implemented in the neighborhood committee, called volunteers, is actually engaged in grid management.”

“I used to be in Yangpu District. Because of the large number of universities in Yangpu District, we often asked the district government for advice. We said that if you are a grid administrator, you are called a grid administrator, and don’t wear other vests.”

Qiu Jiajun pointed out that the grid administrator is like a real-time location tracker, “Because everyone has a mobile phone, how much is your income, whether you are an entrepreneur, or a government official, or a second-generation official or a wealthy second-generation, what kind of treatment do you enjoy? , where you live, how many children your family has, where the children study, and how much your personal income is, (the government) is clear. Because of this grid management, everyone is in the government It’s transparent over there.”

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He said that this information is held by the district government, and the district governments basically do not share it, but report it to the city government.

The inside story of the privileges enjoyed by the rich and powerful in Shanghai

Qiu Jiajun believes that it is a common phenomenon for CCP elites to enjoy privileges. For example, special medicines, special medical care, high-level cadre hospitals, and live organ transplants are all part of their privileges. What the outside world sees is only the surface.

Qiu Jiajun cited two examples of privilege that he knew personally.

“I used to study at a university in Shanghai, and there was a retired cadre in it. He and I are fellows from Shandong. I asked him how much his monthly income was, and he told me that it was more than 15,000 yuan. There is no need to spend a penny of money. This is his privilege, because he is a retired cadre, that is, the group of people who participated in the so-called revolution before the establishment of the CCP and later retired.”

Qiu Jiajun said: “He enjoys a high-level cadre ward to see a doctor. He doesn’t need to spend a penny. His family, wife and children can use the retired cadre’s medical treatment to prescribe medicine. And the money for seeing a doctor is not capped. Why does the CCP These retired cadres have lived for so long, and they are still young in their 80s and 90s. The CCP will spare no expense to allow retired cadres to enjoy this kind of medical treatment, and there are also special foods to eat.”

Qiu Jiajun said that in addition to retired cadres, there is also a type of privileged personnel who also belong to the elite. For example, a professor of a famous university in Shanghai, both husband and wife work in this university, the husband is a professor who enjoys the special allowance of the State Council, which is also a kind of cadre treatment, the wife is a retired ordinary employee, the couple goes to the hospital, the husband lives free The high-level cadre ward of the wife can not enjoy this kind of ward, but she can enjoy the medicine that the ordinary people cannot enjoy with the husband’s high-level cadre quota.

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Qiu Jiajun disclosed that, as far as he knows, the place with the most retired cadres in Shanghai is Xuhui District.

“That place has high financial income, and it was a place that old Shanghai people liked to stay. Like the original Zhabei District (later merged into Jing’an District), no one wants to go to that kind of poor place. The CCP will not put retired cadres there. Retired cadres are also reluctant to go.”

He said that the competition for resources among the various districts in Shanghai is also to win the support of the central government through retired cadres, which is also a privilege.

“For example, when I was in Shanghai at the time, there were more than 100 retired cadres in Xuhui District, and much less in other districts. This kind of retired cadres (how many) is equivalent to an important indicator for measuring the status of each district. These retired cadres can only be called by a phone call. Hit the central government. When they come out and say a few words, no one dares to move. This is the privilege given by the CCP.”

Public information shows that the CCP has a veteran cadre bureau, veteran cadre activity center, senior cadre ward, and cadre rest center from the central to the local level. It is said that this is a unique system of privileges in the world. However, with the successive deaths of veteran cadres during the establishment of the Communist Party of China, the number of “retired cadres” initially defined is not many. Now the CCP has retired a large number of senior cadres at the vice-provincial and ministerial level over the years, from all central ministries and commissions to all regions. Together with retired cadres, they are generally referred to as “retired cadres” and “old comrades” and enjoy the same privileges.

Hong Kong media have reported that the CCP spent more than 67.5 billion yuan in 2014. From 2008 to 2012, the salary of retired senior officials at the vice-provincial and ministerial level alone exceeded the standard by 130 million yuan. Former CCP leader Jiang Zemin lived in Shanghai for 150 days in 2012, spending more than 2.3 million yuan on banquets alone, all of which was paid for by public funds. According to reports, Jiang Zemin can not only enjoy special planes and trains after retirement, but also enjoy special services provided by the Beijing Military Region General Hospital, Shanghai East China Hospital, and Guangzhou Military Region General Hospital on call.

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Shanghai people think that “Han Zheng is wrong”

Qiu Jiajun expressed that it is not surprising that Han Zheng was exposed to remote control to protect the old leaders in Shanghai’s privileges and to stop the blockade of Kangping Road Gaogan District. He said that Han was Jiang Zemin’s man and had deep roots in Shanghai, but Shanghai people did not evaluate him. it is good.

“I have lived in Shanghai for 16 years. People in Shanghai don’t judge Han Zheng well. They call him Han Zheng not right.” Qiu Jiajun said.

During Han Zheng’s tenure in Shanghai, there were many disasters in Shanghai, leaving a huge controversy in Shanghai that “Han Zheng is not righteous”.

On November 15, 2010, a big fire broke out in an apartment in Jing’an District, Shanghai. According to official data, 58 people were killed, 71 people were injured, and tens of millions of yuan in compensation were paid. However, media investigations believe that at least nearly 100 people died in the end, and the loss was as high as 600 million yuan. It was the largest fire in Shanghai since 1949. Public opinion strongly urged the then mayor, Han Zheng, to take the blame and resign. However, Han Zheng was promoted to secretary two years later.

On the evening of December 31, 2014, there was a fatal stampede at Shanghai’s Bund Square New Year’s Eve, and 36 people died because of the official figures that may have been concealed. At the time of the incident, Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong went straight to sleep after enjoying the opera that night, while Han Zheng was “talking about work” with a TV hostess. Public opinion demanded that Han Zheng and Yang Xiong step down, but in the end only a group of district-level officials were treated as “scapegoats”. Han Zheng was also promoted to the Standing Committee of the Politburo at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The rumors of “Han Zheng’s injustice” also include a relationship between Han Zheng and Chen Liangyu, the former secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee. Nearly 60% of the officials in the party, government, political and legal teams at all levels in Shanghai under Han Zheng’s tenure are engaged in extramarital affairs, and it is revealed that Han Zheng himself has mistresses and illegitimate children; Member Huang Ju to build luxurious mausoleums, etc.

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