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Extremely rare and brightly colored 19-legged sunflower starfish captured | Endangered Species | Epoch Times

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[EpochTimesOctober192021](Epoch Times reporter Xia Yu comprehensive report) American fishermen have caught an extremely rare and colorful starfish. This sunflower sea star is an endangered species.

According to a report from the British SWNS news agency, fisherman Lee LeFever caught an extremely rare sunflower starfish during a recent crabbing trip. (Click here to see the picture)

At that time, when Lefebvre was fishing off the coast of Orcas Island, a relatively remote island in the northwest corner of San Juan County, Washington, the eye-catching, fluorescent orange starfish finally fell into his crab catcher In the trap.

Lefebvre told SWNS that he was surprised when he saw the sunflower starfish in his crab trap because the species is very rare.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), sunflower sea stars are critically endangered. The World Conservation Union estimates that the number of sea stars has decreased by more than 90% due to the “Sea Star Wasting Syndrome that broke out in 2013,” a disease that causes starfish disease and tissue decay.

According to the photos taken, the sunflower starfish captured by Lefebvre looked healthy, brightly colored, and yellow, with a total of 19 legs.

According to the World Conservation Union, sunflower starfish can have 24 legs, which is the origin of the sunflower name. This kind of starfish is currently the largest known starfish in the world.

Lefebvre told SWNS that he put this extremely rare starfish back into the sea, and he thought this marine creature was a “beautiful” landscape.

“The capture of sunflower starfish is potential evidence of their comeback.” He told Southwest News Agency, “Starfish are an important part of marine ecology, and any evidence that they still exist may be good news.”

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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, sunflower starfish can grow up to 24 inches long, and they live in the salt water region between Alaska and California. This species has various colors.

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