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Eyes of the Secret Realm Friends of Humanity Calendar | Ladybug Seven Stars: “Ms. Hua” in “Spotted Dress”_Xinhua News Agency

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Eyes of the Secret Realm Friends of Humanity Calendar | Ladybug Seven Stars: “Ms. Hua” in “Spotted Dress”_Xinhua News Agency

The Eye of the Secret Realm Friends of Humanity Calendar | Ladybug Seven Stars: “Ms. Hua” in “Spotted Skirt”

Editor’s note:

The boar is down! “Monkey Paper” has arrived on my balcony! News of wild animals coming to the city is popping up on social media. In fact, we are surrounded by so many native wild animals that we know very little about. With understanding, friendship, and companionship, all things can live in harmony with each other, and cultivate in their own way. Xinhua Daily·Meeting Point, together with Jiangsu Wildlife Conservation Station, Jiangsu Forestry Research Institute, Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, etc., launched the “Eye of Mystery · Friends of Humanity” calendar column, which will take you through infrared cameras, animal observers, etc. From the perspective of etc., to pay attention to the familiar and mysterious “animal neighbors”. Biodiversity is the basis of survival and vitality of the human homeland. Every solar term, we will also invite the solar term official to make a special recommendation and broadcast on that day. Today, let’s meet the seven star ladybug.

beautiful shell

Ladybug Seven Stars is also known as Sister Hua and Golden Turtle. Adults are 5.2-6.5 mm long, with an oval body and an arched back in the shape of a water scoop. The name “Seven Star Ladybug” comes from the seven black spots on its elytra, as if wearing a beautiful “spotted skirt”. Ladybug seven-star has a special ability to avoid enemies. As long as there are natural enemies disturbed or stimulated by the outside world, it will have a “neural shock” phenomenon, like losing consciousness and motionless. After the “shock”, the stimulated nervous system of the ladybug returned to normal, it woke up again and began to crawl. If you squeeze it with your hands, it will ooze a yellow juice. The spicy smell from these juices can make people feel tired, and even birds will “run away” when they smell this strange smell. .

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aphids nemesis

The “staple food” of the lady beetle is aphids. Ladybugs often crawl and search on the host plants of aphids. When their mandibles touch the aphids, they can quickly bite with their upper jaws and devour the aphids. If the mandible whiskers are not touched, even if the aphid is right in front of its eyes, it cannot be detected. The adult of a lady beetle eats 100-120 cotton aphids, 147 vegetable aphids and 59 apricot aphids a day on average. The amount of aphid larvae varies according to the size of the instar. When you are older, you eat less snacks, and when you are older, you eat more.

The Story of “Miss Flower”

The lady beetle is widely distributed in North America, Europe, and Asia. Therefore, in different cultures, ladybugs also have their own meanings. The seven-star ladybug is gorgeous in color and delicate in shape, and has the meaning of “wealth” and “fortune” in Chinese culture. In the West, the lady beetle is regarded by farmers as a gift from the Virgin, which can help them eliminate pests in farmland and gardens, and is a symbol of “lucky”.

Written by: Jin Yiwei

Beauty Editor: Yang Xiaolong

Image source: Visual China

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