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Eyewitness of 3 girls jumping from building in Jiangsu Qidong Experimental Primary School: Her mouth was full of blood (video) | Jiangsu Provincial Experimental Primary School | Student | Jumping |

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[Voice of Hope November 16, 2021](Comprehensive report by our reporter Chu Yunjue)On the evening of November 15, three girls jumped off a building in Qidong Experimental Primary School in Jiangsu Province. According to the official report, the girls who have fallen from the building have stable vital signs and are still receiving treatment in the hospital. However, Internet news reported that three students fell from the fifth floor, one was dead on the spot, and the status of the remaining two is unknown. The video of the three students falling from the building was widely circulated on mainland social media, but almost all of them were deleted.

On the evening of November 15th, Jiangsu Qidong Experimental Primary School reported that at about 4:57 pm on November 15th, three students from the school fell from a building.

The report stated that after the incident, the school dialed 120 for medical treatment. At present, the vital signs of the three students are basically stable. The specific reason is under investigation by the public security organs.

According to the Qidong Public Security News reported on the Internet, at 16:56 on November 15th, the Municipal Public Security Bureau received an alarm stating that three students fell in front of Building D of the Experimental Primary School in Huilong Town. After preliminary understanding, Wu Moumou (female, 11 years old), Chen Moumou (female, 11 years old), and Zhang Moumou (female, 11 years old) fell from the D building of the school and are now 3 The person has been sent to the People’s Hospital for treatment.

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The Chengxi Police Station of the Qidong Public Security Bureau confirmed that the incident was true in an interview with reporters from Lu Media. The police said it was not convenient to disclose the current situation of the three students who fell from the building.

According to the report, one of the more critically ill students has been sent to Shanghai for treatment, and Nantong and Shanghai have mobilized pediatric experts overnight to treat the three students with all their strength.

Elementary school girls in Qidong City, Jiangsu jumped off a building together, hotly discussing social media deletion

Although the official said that the vital signs of the three girls who jumped off the building were stable, the parents of the school’s students said that their children were witnesses, and they were frightened when they saw the three girls who jumped down. Hearing from the child, one girl was not good at that time, and the remaining two did not know what was going on.

According to a video posted on the Internet, there are three female students lying on the ground, and a woman in black is watching the students’ condition.

Another video showed that three girls jumped over the guardrail from the fifth floor in turn.

According to a WeChat chat record posted on the Internet, a parent said that it was three girls from Class 1 of Year 6 who jumped off the building. It was after school that the first one did not survive, the second did not die, and the third prepared. Jump, the teacher just saw it when he came out of the meeting and caught it.

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Other parents said that when their son and a classmate returned home to clean up, they happened to see a few girls jumping off the building. One of the girls’ mouth was full of blood, and her body was still pumping.

However, the above-mentioned video and chat history were blocked shortly afterwards.

According to public information, Qidong Experimental Primary School is located in Huilong Town, Qidong City, also known as Huilong Town Experimental Primary School. The school was founded in 1927 and has a history of more than 90 years. There are 96 teaching classes, 4180 students, and 272 faculty members.

Some netizens said that the three children meeting to jump off the building were premeditated at first sight and should be investigated in detail; others said that they heard that a few children played a game called Blue Whale, and then they made an appointment to jump off the building; others said No matter what the reason is, there must be something wrong with the child’s psychology, the school teacher did not find out, and the parents did not find out, which led to the tragedy.

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