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Fabio Chies remains mayor of Conegliano with the votes of the Democratic Party

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The comparison in the ballot with Garbellotto clearly wins, all within the center-right. The loser, supported by the governor Zaia, congratulates the consolidated result

CONEGLIANO. Fabio Chies is the mayor of Conegliano. He defeated the “battleship Garbellotto” which was at the head of a coalition formed by the League, the Brothers of Italy and the Civic and Popular Freedom Conegliano in the center.

With Chies Forza Italia, Forza Conegliano and Avanti all, but above all the Pd electorate who had been excluded from the ballot.

Chies, new mayor of Conegliano: “We overturned the prediction”

28,266 Coneglianese voters are called to the polls. In the first round two weeks ago 15,211 went to vote, just over half of those eligible (53.81%).

12,105 of the 27,293 eligible voters voted for the ballot, equal to 44.35 per cent.

Chies’ victory was clear right from the start, with an advantage that, section after section, settled at 10%. To the point that already at 16.15 Piero Barbellotto congratulated Chies on the election.

Conegliano’s vote also has an interesting implication for regional politics, given that Zaia is obviously with Garbellotto and the League, while the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro has lined up with Chies. The defeat of the “zaiano” exponent may make us reflect on the tendency of the Coneglianese electorate in view of the next regional ones.

The big party at the Chies headquarters, the new mayor of Conegliano

Born in Vittorio Veneto on 6 July 1973, living in Ogliano, a hilly hamlet of Conegliano, a freelance civil engineer with a studio in the city center, Fabio Chies is in his second term as mayor.

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In November 2020, the first term had ended early due to the resignation from the city council of some members of the force and of the Popolari, plus the minorities en bloc.

The city has therefore been a commissioner for almost a year, with the prefectural commissioner Antonello Roccoberton leading the administration.

Always a member of Forza Italia, of which he is currently provincial secretary, Fabio Chies was also councilor in the past, from 2002 to 2007, and president of the city council from 2012 to 2016.

Hip hip hurray! The toast of Chies’ victory in Conegliano

In this electoral round he was supported by three lists: Forza Italia, Forza Conegliano and Avanti Tutta Chies mayor. In recent days, albeit without formal appearance, he has signed an agreement with the Democratic Party (“Pact for Conegliano”).

This is instead the composition of the City Council:

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