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Facing the cold wave and protecting the warmth – the southern region is doing its best to ensure power protection – Xinhua English.news.cn

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On the morning of December 2, the streets of central Guangzhou, south of the Tropic of Cancer, were cold and windy, and the rare down jackets appeared on “office workers”. Since the beginning of this year, the strongest cold wave has swept from the north to the south, and the temperature has dropped sharply. Freezing has occurred in northern Guangdong, Yunnan and Guizhou. “Anti-icing” patrol lines on the Ice and Cold Mountains, ensuring the electricity demand of shelter hospitals, and keeping vegetable greenhouses warm and cold-proof… The southern region has made every effort to ensure power supply, weather the cold wave, and protect warmth.

On November 30, the Party member service team of “Beidong Dianyi” of Kaili Jinping Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid braved the freezing snow and rushed to the high-altitude mountainous area to carry out special anti-icing patrols on the icing-prone lines. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

In northern Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou and other places, it is a tough battle to resist ice and keep electricity every winter.

Wanshan District is the highest altitude area in Tongren, Guizhou Province. Deng Fengyi, a line inspector of the distribution center of Wanshan Power Supply Bureau, took out thermometers, telescopes and other tools from his backpack to observe the metals and wires attached to the tower. Deng Fengyi said: “Doing a good job in line inspection and anti-icing work is the most effective way to reduce icing and faults.”

Rain, snow and freezing disasters are the “killer” for the safe and stable operation of the power grid and reliable power supply. Once the power supply line encounters freezing rain and ice for a long time, if it is not melted in time, it may cause pole down, disconnection, and power outage. The line patrol “anti-ice man” who walks hard in the icy and snowy barren mountains is the guarantee line for electricity safety.

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With the development of information technology such as remote monitoring and high-definition video and the application of drones and other products, mechanical equipment continues to replace manual line inspection, and the role of technology in anti-icing and anti-icing is also increasing.

Up to now, Guangdong has achieved full coverage of online icing monitoring of 220 kV lines in the province’s ice areas through the installation of icing monitoring devices. In Guangdong Qingyuan Power Supply Bureau, the “black technology” of ice melting and the newly put into use of a new type of automatic serial connection device for ice melting of overhead ground wires have greatly improved the efficiency of wire ice melting. He Huan of the Equipment and Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation Institute of the Electric Power Research Institute of Guangdong Power Grid Corporation said that the operating time of this device is more than 99% shorter than that of traditional manual methods.

On November 30, the party member service team of Kaili Jinping Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid carried out anti-icing inspections on lines prone to icing. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

In the face of the incoming cold wave and the need for epidemic prevention and control, the Southern Electric Power Department is on duty day and night, making every effort to ensure the electricity demand of the 9 shelter hospitals in Haizhu District, Guangzhou.

The Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau connects with relevant epidemic prevention agencies such as the two-level health and health committees in the urban area, and includes key medical institutions, epidemic prevention command agencies, shelter hospitals, case transfer and isolation points and other important epidemic prevention places in the Guangzhou area into the scope of key protection to grasp the electricity demand in real time. In accordance with the principle of “adding one new one, guaranteeing one”, open a green power supply channel, fully support the construction and operation of supporting projects for epidemic prevention in various places, and ensure a rapid response to the electricity demand for epidemic prevention.

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As of November 28, the scope of key guarantees in the whole city of Guangzhou, the number of key power supply places has increased to 361, and more than 15,000 people are fighting on the front line of power supply guarantees.

Yingde City, Guangdong Province is a major agricultural city and one of the “vegetable baskets” of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

In Lianzhang Village, Yingde City, the power inspection staff made a special trip to the vegetable greenhouse in the modern agricultural science and technology industrial park in the village to carry out special inspections and hidden danger investigations.

On November 30, the staff of China Southern Power Grid was investigating hidden dangers of icy lines. (Photo provided by the interviewee)

“Now strawberries, tomatoes and cucumbers are planted in the greenhouse, and the temperature cannot be lower than 8 degrees Celsius. At present, we have adopted the method of closing the side film skylight to keep warm. If the temperature is lower, our products will be affected.” Lianzhang Village Modern Agricultural Technology Industry Chen Hua, manager of the production technology department of the park, said.

In response to the cold wave, China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Power Grid Co., Ltd. launched a yellow warning for low-temperature rain, snow and freezing disasters, closely tracked the trend of weather and power load changes, monitored the operation status of the power grid in real time, optimized and adjusted the operation mode of the power grid, and ensured that farmers’ electricity consumption is safe and worry-free.

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According to reports, Guangdong has built a cold and ice-resistant system that combines artificial intelligence and technology to continuously improve the reliability of power supply security for people’s cold protection, agricultural production, and epidemic prevention and control during cold waves. (Reporter Wu Tao)

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