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Faithful fulfillment of mission to maintain world peace-Chinese peacekeepers care about the motherland and stick to their posts_Hangzhou.com

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Faithful fulfillment of mission and maintenance of world peace-Chinese peacekeepers care about the motherland and stick to their posts

People’s Daily Online On October 2, local time, the 268 peacekeeping officers and soldiers of the 11th batch of China’s peacekeeping engineering unit to South Sudan (Wau) were awarded the United Nations “Peace Medal of Honor.” Since its arrival in the mission area in November last year, the peacekeeping engineering unit has completed a series of “built in China”: the 486 kilometers of main supply roads that have been completed across the board, the Thorpe Bridge, which was praised as a miraculous project by the governor of Western Bahr Ghazal, Simple multi-purpose apron for military and civilian use… These projects have improved the living conditions of local residents in Wau, South Sudan, and further consolidated the friendship between the two peoples.

During the Chinese National Day, the various construction tasks of our peacekeeping forces were not interrupted. On the main road of the barracks, each person in charge carried out pre-departure inspections meticulously: vehicle inspections, weapons and ammunition inspections, personal supply inspections… “Stay on the front line of peacekeeping, we have no regrets. To contribute to the peacekeeping cause, it is our duty!” Peacekeeping Said Shu Aijun, captain of the engineering unit.

This year marks the 31st anniversary of the Chinese military’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations. Faced with the harsh security environment and the still severe COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese peacekeepers are bravely fighting at the forefront, faithfully fulfilling their missions, maintaining world peace, writing unrepentant youth with enthusiasm, and presenting the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China .

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In the early morning of September 30, the twenty-fifth batch of China’s peacekeeping engineering detachment to the Congo (DRC) camp received a request for help. A local employee of the UN peacekeeping force needed emergency treatment. Zhang Zhao, a military doctor of the engineering unit, immediately brought medical supplies to the scene for rescue. The wounded had a serious head injury. When Zhang Zhao came to the scene, he found that the wounded was still bleeding. If not treated in time, the wound is prone to infection and life-threatening.

Cleaning, disinfection, bandaging… More than half an hour of treatment was successfully completed, and the treatment effect was very good. The local police who accompanied him all expressed their respect and gratitude to Zhang Zhao. “A lot of people gave me a thumbs up after receiving treatment. I feel that this is their respect and recognition of Chinese peacekeepers. I also feel more deeply the significance of Chinese peacekeeping troops who have traveled far and wide. I am for us. I am proud of my position!” Zhang Zhao said.

“Go to the minefield and clear mine troubles. Peacekeeping has me, please rest assured the people of the motherland!” said Duan Changming, the demining leader of the multifunctional engineer unit of the 20th Chinese peacekeeping force to Lebanon. Not long ago, his team passed the strict assessment of the United Nations Mine Action Center. Recently, they rushed to the minefield in the “Blue Line” area on the Lebanese-Israeli border to eliminate mine hazards and protect the lives and property of the Lebanese people.

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Starting in 2019, Chinese peacekeeping troops to Lebanon began to deploy female demining operators to perform tasks. Dai Zhengqin, a female demining operator of the multifunctional engineer unit, said: “As a Chinese female soldier, being able to perform peacekeeping missions on behalf of the motherland is the most proud thing in my life. I will use my actual actions to make unremitting efforts to maintain peace. effort.”

(Our newspaper Khartoum, Johannesburg, Damascus, October 4th)

“People’s Daily” (version 03, October 05, 2021)

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